Friday, December 23, 2011

The time in between

Happy New Year, everyone! 
I have enjoyed a much-needed break from the world of cyberspace over the holidays, and am ready to begin making a comeback. :o) 
This post has pictures of the two weeks we spent at home this December. 
Hopey finding her new blocks from Uncle Andrew quite entertaining while Mommy works in the kitchen. 
Good old measuring cups to the rescue when they needed a diversion one day. The metal ones are particularly great for banging together like one would cymbals, and create such a thrilling sound. ;o) I have discovered however, that the handles do bend when stepped on by someone such as myself. :o) 
This video was taken on my birthday. Langemanns had done a birthday breakfast for me before we left Denver, so my birthday at home was pretty simple, and enjoyably so. I had a birthday gift left to give Joy, so I decided it would be a happy thing to do on my birthday. Presents are just plain old fun - doesn't matter if you're the giver or the receiver. :o) 
How does she know to do that? Smart child.
She was having lots of fun stirring and mixing air around in the bowl with her little purple spoon.
Hopey and I were playing in her cardboard house, and I started drumming my fingers on the roof, making like it was raining. Well, that led to the need for an umbrella when she was going to go out "to da stooooore" so I ran upstairs and grabbed her adorable umbrella and that gave her a whole new sense of delight!
"Hello down there Mommy!"
Talking to Granny Collin on the phone, telling her all about our time in Denver and talking about our upcoming trip to the farm for Christmas Day.
Joy wasn't to be left out.
In fact, she was quite perturbed and noisy in her pursuit of Hope and the phone until I quickly found the toy one and gave it to her.
"Now... let me see...." Yes - this is why she doesn't get the real phone as much as Hopey. Buttons, buttons!
However, once Hope and I had visited with my Mum, we let Joy have a turn, figuring it was alright if she ended the call with her curious fingers. :o)
"Ai, ya ya."
And here she comes with her dolly!
Hope told me her dolly was cold, or upset, or something, sto she was going to "settle her down." Three blankets, and much singing later, the said doll was quiet. :o) Phew! LOL!
Taking the last few Christmas cards to the mail with me on a mild day while Joy was napping. It was such fun. I pulled out Hopey's special sled, and once I convinced her that bumps were okay and that she wasn't going to fall out, I pulled her to the post box and around the back alleys for a good half hour or so. She also helped me shovel snow for about half an hour, which made it so much more enjoyable and challenging. :o) (she thought making a pile of snow in the middle of the walk was very cool.)
"A-eeeeiiiiiiii." Translation: "this stroller is stuck Mommy, and I'm pretty sure it needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY!" :o)
And this would be Joy trying to get into the bathtub on her own...
...Which feat she attempts every time the bath water runs. She's grown enough now, she can actually get her heel up over the edge, and if she could get enough of a bounce on one foot, I'm sure she'd actually get herself into the tub!!! Thankfully, she hasn't mastered that, yet!
As I was nearing the end of our preparations for our Collin Christmas (wrapping gifts, laundry, cleaning house, laundry, cooking, and oh yeah, did I mention - laundry) I was needing a diversion for the kiddos so I could finish up on time.
Christmas gift to the rescue!!!
This particular gift, (from their great-grandparents, the Cote's) had been tucked away in our basement since the late spring when Granny and Grampi had visited us. I guess Gran saw it in a Christian bookstore one time when she was shopping and thought it would be a great gift for the kids. So, she brought it, wrapped and all, when they were here on a visit, and told me it was there for the girls for Christmas. :o)
What is it Hope?
A Noah's Ark set! Hurray! A perfect gift for little-miss-immagination. And it did keep her busy, while Joy kept me busy and helped me finish up the packing.

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