Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A year of Joy

Today is the first birthday of our precious second born daughter. As I did for Hope's first birthday, ( I wanted to do a post of month-by-month pictures of our little Joy-Belle, as we affectionately call her.
Joy Corinne Langemann, December 7, 2010. 5 lbs 12 0z, 18.5 inches long. 2 hrs old in this picture. (
1 month old, and loves Mommy and Daddy's bed.
2 months old, frolicking around on the bed at Grandma's house.
3 months old, sporting full cheeks and chin. :o)
4 months old, and such a sweet smile.
5 months old, bundled up for a walk.
6 months old, and just about sitting up. Joy cut her first two teeth the next day.
7 months old, and a ton of fun. Loves her bath.
8 months old, and loves splashing in the baby-bathtub turned swimming pool. Crawling all over the place by then too.
9 months old, and loves anything that has to do with motion.
10 months old, standing up against things very well, and sporting a funny smile as her top two teeth were cutting through.
11 months old, and stable in almost every position.
12 months old, and walking all over the place in her very tippy-happy-with-myself sort of way.

Little Joy, you are so precious to me. You add a beautiful harmony to the happiness Hope brings to our home. I pray God will use you mightily in His kingdom as a bringer of joy and purpose. May you grow into a beautiful young woman, full of grace and truth. I love you dearly. ~Mommy~

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