Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colorado Pt 2, Christmas at the Cabin

One of the things we did together at the cabin was to celebrate a little bit of Christmas. :o) We did our Langemann gift exchange early this year since we were all together. :o)
Christy is one happy, beautiful Momma!
Joy and Albert had fun sharing Albert's walker, though Joy didn't go in it much. She preferred to be standing on her own and push Albert around in it. :o)I have the cutest nephew ever!!
This is Joy's form of greeting "Hi-Hi." :o)
Matching jammies from Grandma.
Uh... you're not supposed to be live Dominos kids! ;o)
The only thing about pajama pictures, is that pajamas are worn at the end of the day when attention spans and smiles are somewhat worn out too. :o) Oh well. You'll see lots more red pajamas in the following posts!
Hurray for toys!
The guys were on breakfast duty while at the cabin. Josh and Andrew cooked pancakes and bacon on Saturday morning, and it was yuuummmmy! :o)
"Tada - baby conquers giant stuffed moose!"
Amy made a special teddy bear pancake for Hopey.
Shooting range time!
Yes that's me, shooting for my first time. Thanks to my brothers-in-law for the experience. :o)
Josh wandered down and joined the lot of us towards the end.
Rather different to see Josh with a gun in his hands!
A lofty view of the amazing Canadian maple leaf puzzle Matthew & Christy brought along.
"Oh Mommy loves her little Albert boy, Albert boy..." :o)
No words necessary.
Our little Christmas tree.
Attempt #2 at getting pictures of the cousins in their matching pj's. :)
Good of the Johnson's, typical of the Langemann's (Joy chewing on something, Hope fidgeting with her lip.)
There. That's a bit better Hope & Joy.
A new cordless impact wrench for Joe from Andrew.Wrapping paper for Albert.
Wrapping paper for Joy.
Game for the girls from Uncle Joe.

"Kank-you Uncle Joe."
Oh yeah - creative, original, Colorado made spices for us from Joe. And a Wahl hair clipper set - excellent gifts! Thanks, Joe!
Hope and Joy helping Auntie Melody open her gifts from Angie while Hope modeled Melody's new Colorado Rockies hat. :)
Looking on while Angie opened her gifts from Melody... a rock climbling pulley, licorice and something else. :o)
Amy, delighted with her climbing harness, Smarties, and gum from Daniel.
Still enjoying that wrapping paper. :)
Albert hanging in there though he was tired.
A highly personalized box for Will which contained a very dapper winter dress coat from Matthew & Christy.
Joy started picking up the wrapping paper and dumping it into a big box. :) Smart kid.
Daniel - thrilled with a new water bottle and rock climbing harness from Amy. (funny how those two had each other's names and got each other the same thing!)
An ice cream maker and some Canadian treats for Matthew & Christy from us.
A Hebrew Bible and hockey knee pads for Andrew from William.
Helping Joy open a gift.
And last but not least, mother of the nine (+ two) and grandmother of the three with a couple Canadian treats.
Hope helped me open a gift, and I asked her what she thought it was before she opened it and her exact words were, "Uh Mommy - it's chocolate!" What a g-i-r-l!
Their very own new set of Alphabet blocks from Uncle Andrew. :)

Thank YOU for the wonderful gift of family!

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