Thursday, November 10, 2011


Here's more of what our busy, beautiful girls have been doing.
Walking along everything now, and sometimes between things and people.
"Wait - there might be a Cheerio under here, Mom!"
Standing up on the edge of her chair because she was finally done and ready to get down.
Busily emptying the Play Dough box.
Meanwhile, Hope and I and her very-important-doll were setting up to actually play with the dough. :o)
Hope loves her new hat and mittens. Coats from last year still fit her, but she needed some accessories.
Happy to have Daddy home after a week away.
Joy's first time wearing the purple corduroy jumper Hope wore so much when she was little.
Little miss laughter!
"Oh Daddy, you're so funny!!"
Didn't like the fact that she was being told not to chew on the table. :)
The girls were watching a movie and Joy had been playing the xylophone at the same time. It ended up on the floor and she somehow stood up on it with both her feet.
Hopey loves to spin lettuce for me.
Seeing that her sister moved off...
the littler one tackles it.
Two hands.
And then it really got spinning!
This is what happens sometimes when Joy takes a long time to nurse after lunch. :)
I had to sweep under the couches and retrieve some missing toys that had rolled underneath them, so I pushed the couches together in the middle of the living room and dumped the toy basket out for the girls while I cleaned. Worked well!
I had pulled the piano bench away for some reason, and Joy discovered piano pedals can be a lot of fun!
I had to try and keep Joy busy so Hope could enjoy the train track we built together.
After shopping together for these items, Hope helped me pack up some shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
It was fun, and she loved helping. It was good to talk with her about giving to children in need, and she seemed to understand what that meant.
I was so blessed by doing it together with Hopey.

This made me laugh! I noticed the girls playing at the fridge and went searching for my camera. Hope's words and actions started out synchronized, even though by the time I got the camera she was a little off her rhythm. :o)

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