Monday, December 10, 2012

Grandma and Amy come, Pt 1

With my siblings here and gone, we had a quiet Monday getting ready for Lorrie and Amy to come for a week. 
We all got some rest, especially Philip, and tidied up a bit.
Needless to say, theirs was a happy arrival indeed, and a happy welcome. :o)
Grandbaby number five for my amazing Mother-in-law.
Hmm. Someone to read more books to them?? Yes please!!
Yes, that really is what it looks like - a tiny violin, just for Hopey.
It was an early Christmas present from Grandma, (Lorrie) who took Hope down to a violin shop in the city to have her measured for her very own violin. It's a 1/16, the smallest violin made.
She got it to make sounds right away.
And yes, she felt very special. She can't wait to for her Daddy to teach her how to play.
Grandma and Amy were very kind, and made a cardboard violin for the jealous Joy-Belle. They used to do that for the little kids in their family when they were too young for a real instrument. :o)
I was trying desperately to beat a nasty sore throat when Lorrie and Amy were here, and Josh and the girls were sick too. So, from my napping perch in my room one afternoon I heard a very rapid rendition of Curious George being read to the girls at naptime. Ah ha! Wise Grandma had them figured out... she knew it was a pretty long story for naptime, but didn't have the heart to say no, so she read it in high speed. :o)
Rest all around. Funny how holding a sleeping baby makes one feel tired.
"I love you, Philip."
"Dahhh, I wuv you too, Hopey, I just can't breathe very well right now."
Hope modeling Grandma's birthday present - new pajamas.
She insisted she wanted them all the way on, and Grandma obliged.
Typical face...
Adorable face. :o)
Joy, enjoying a new activity from Auntie Christy.
Joy still needs help holding Philip.
Thankfully, Philip has stayed healthy, even with all of us sick-ies holding him.
I'm very thankful to the Lord for that.
In her imagination...with Auntie Amy's purple striped toque on her head.
I think Amy must have taken these ones of Hope with her violin on her back.
Love that girl!
She's growing up so fast. :o)

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