Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little delights for little people

Once upon a time, one wintery morning after breakfast, somebody special was lying on a pillow on the kitchen floor.
Pretty soon, he was noticed by two girls with blue eyes and long eyelashes who thought he should have some stories read to him. So, they each went and got their favourite book.
Their Mommy stepped out of the room for a couple minutes, and upon her return she saw that the two books had multiplied.
It made for a dear bit of fun for the wee ones while the Mommy cleaned up the breakfast dishes. And she thought to herself "God's blessings are so sweet."
The End.
Hope's latest thing is "can you tell me a story?" Guess I'm getting into the habit of making stories out of everyday situations. :o) She also thinks obedience is really cool when it comes with the pre-cursor "Simon says ____." :o) Maybe I should change my name to Simon. 
Squeaky clean... but not for long. Something about the bath must work wonders for Philip, because that's when he seems to go through his outfits, if you know what I mean... just wet, but still, too wet to stay in that pair of clean clothes. :o)
Since it worked in the morning, and since I needed to fix supper, I thought I'd try the floor thing again.
Sure enough, the girls were soon all over their brother (almost too literally,) and were bringing him toys to look at.
Hope wanted to know if he could see her little purple doll. :o)
Joy was just being her cute little self.
After her quiet time, and while Joy was still sleeping, Hope got started on colouring in the letters for Joy's birthday poster. It was a great project, and lasted a couple days. !!! Hurrah. :o) Her mind is so active, she is constantly asking me "Mommy, what can I do?"
My cute little man. Hope and Joy like to tell me, "look Mommy, his eyes are wide open." Guess that's because he slept so much his first month of life on earth.

A good morning activity - Play Dough baking. That particular morning Hope was making pies.
And Joy was making... a mess... while trying to also make pies and cookies.
Then, it turned into this grand game of bakery delivery service, where they took their goodies to their friend's houses. Don't worry - they were in sealed plastic bags. :o)
Then, they added the part about going to the store and delivering fruits and vegetables. :o) Helpful kids, I must say. :o)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grandma and Amy, part 2

One great thing about visitors is that they all come with shoes... and what girl doesn't love shoes?
Thankfully, Joy didn't bother trying these boots on. Her legs are too short.
But Hopey had fun with it, as you can see. :o)
Before Grandma and Amy left, they wanted to give Joy her birthday present.
"What, Grandma? This isn't what I'm supposed to do with it?"
Once somebody started a tear in the wrapping paper for her she got it!
A real, full-size, magna doodle. HURRAY!
She wasted no time trying it out. I guess cousin Albert has the same magna doodle, and Amy says he likes to colour it all in with the shapes too. :o)
We have had many happy hours on it. :o)
Sometimes, when I'm nursing Philip, I will draw letters on there for the girls to guess, and then they have fun erasing them. Hope, of course, knows all her letters, but Joy is just starting. Or, the other day, I heard all these giggles coming from the living room, and the two of them had made a game of "draw a shape quick before sister erases it..." I love it when they make each other laugh.
Speaking of laughter.... AHEM
...One should be careful about when to trust a three-year old to answer honestly. :o) Amy said she asked Hope if the girls were allowed to do this, and Hope said yes... ahem again...still working on learning to tell the truth...
But I did smile to see them having such fun, and remembered when my Mum used to let us take the old cushions off the old couch and lay them across the living room floor for us to do gymnastics on during those long winter nights on the farm.
Last evening to cuddle with the little man. He had a bit of colic in the evenings the week they were here, but I think it was due to all the herbs I was taking to try and beat my cold, as he's not normally that colicky. Even so, he's a very consolable, peaceful child, and thankfully sleeps off whatever is bothering him. And he loves being held. Yay for that
While Josh tucked the girls in bed, I asked if the ladies would bathe little Philip for me. I had fun taking pictures. :o) Not something you can do when you're the one bathing him. :o)
As of last night, he has just about out grown the sink. I have bathed him a couple times in the big tub with Hope and Joy... it just takes a lot of coordination and time. :o) But I love it.
Listening to words of wisdom from his Grandma before nursing himself to sleep.
I'm so thankful they were able to come. I realize what distance and expense it is to travel by plane from the USA, but God provides for them and for us, and we bask in the times we can be together.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Grandma and Amy come, Pt 1

With my siblings here and gone, we had a quiet Monday getting ready for Lorrie and Amy to come for a week. 
We all got some rest, especially Philip, and tidied up a bit.
Needless to say, theirs was a happy arrival indeed, and a happy welcome. :o)
Grandbaby number five for my amazing Mother-in-law.
Hmm. Someone to read more books to them?? Yes please!!
Yes, that really is what it looks like - a tiny violin, just for Hopey.
It was an early Christmas present from Grandma, (Lorrie) who took Hope down to a violin shop in the city to have her measured for her very own violin. It's a 1/16, the smallest violin made.
She got it to make sounds right away.
And yes, she felt very special. She can't wait to for her Daddy to teach her how to play.
Grandma and Amy were very kind, and made a cardboard violin for the jealous Joy-Belle. They used to do that for the little kids in their family when they were too young for a real instrument. :o)
I was trying desperately to beat a nasty sore throat when Lorrie and Amy were here, and Josh and the girls were sick too. So, from my napping perch in my room one afternoon I heard a very rapid rendition of Curious George being read to the girls at naptime. Ah ha! Wise Grandma had them figured out... she knew it was a pretty long story for naptime, but didn't have the heart to say no, so she read it in high speed. :o)
Rest all around. Funny how holding a sleeping baby makes one feel tired.
"I love you, Philip."
"Dahhh, I wuv you too, Hopey, I just can't breathe very well right now."
Hope modeling Grandma's birthday present - new pajamas.
She insisted she wanted them all the way on, and Grandma obliged.
Typical face...
Adorable face. :o)
Joy, enjoying a new activity from Auntie Christy.
Joy still needs help holding Philip.
Thankfully, Philip has stayed healthy, even with all of us sick-ies holding him.
I'm very thankful to the Lord for that.
In her imagination...with Auntie Amy's purple striped toque on her head.
I think Amy must have taken these ones of Hope with her violin on her back.
Love that girl!
She's growing up so fast. :o)