Friday, October 8, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol X

Just a few smiles for Papa, Granny, and Grandma on Thanksgiving Monday! For some reason, I hardly took pictures this last week, but here's the few I did take. :o) Hope likes rolling the Boccee balls around on the deck like she's bowling.
She especially likes the little one.
We rolled them off the deck to see if she would go get them. :o)
And she did, at least a couple of them.
This was Sunday supper last week at Moxie's. We were hungry, and Moxie's sounded good. Hope liked the ice water and her very own straw.
She also had a blast building towers out of the creamers.
Or, she at least liked knocking over the towers I built for her.
"And now, ladies and gentlemen, for my next performance we shall observe what happens when two creamers are smashed into each other by my little hands!" (Just kidding, no explosions happened, the picture just looked like it needed a caption like that!)
She discovered if she dipped her straw into the water and brought it out carefully, that there was always one drop of water on the end -
which drop she removed from the straw with her other hand. It was amazing to watch her concentration and coordination in her effort to get that one drop!

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