Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Those Pink-Striped Overalls

Seems like I just did a blog post, though looking at the date on my last one tells me it's been a while longer than "just." :o)

We've been looking forward to a visit from Lorrie for a few weeks now. Here's a few pictures from our day-to-day life the day before Lorrie came.
Hope likes the salt and pepper grinders - both playing with them, and having us put S/P on her food whenever we put it on ours. :o) She was sitting still after breakfast this day, just playing with the salt shaker on the chair while I did the dishes. :o)
Monday's are laundry day for us, and basket-pushing is Hope's most newly discovered way of helping.
It's actually great, because I'm usually a little winded when I get to the top of the stairs with a full basket these days, so I just plop it down on the floor and ask Hope to push it down the hall for me. :o)
Josh has several evening commitments each week, so having him to ourselves for a long devotion time is a real treat for Hopey and I. :o) As you can see, Hope enjoys the recliner in many ways.
He was teaching her how to climb up on her own, and kept inching the chair higher and higher till she couldn't do it herself anymore. :o) Here she's trying to sit herself up from between Daddy's legs. Her expressions crack me up!
"Ah-ha-haaa! I got up! Now watch me get down!"
Encountered Daddy's feet at the end of the chair and decided to hang out there for a while.
She's the best entertainment there is!
Singing - "lo-lo-lo-a-lo."
And after Bible reading, a Peter Rabbit tale for Hope. Josh was trying to keep Hope from turning the pages so fast so he could actually read the story to her!
Focused and finally getting sleepy. :o)

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