Friday, October 29, 2010

Grandma comes to see us

We were blessed with a six day visit from Grandma Lorrie last week. Hope and I were in bed already by the time she got in from the airport, so she had to wait till the next morning to see Hope again! Not that the present was needed for Hope to warm right up to Grandma, but it was sure enjoyed! :o) And what a perfect gift - winter boots for Hope, which she needed. She insisted on having them put on her right away, and had cozy feet all morning long!
Grandma also brought a couple things we'd left in Denver at some point - like this little book Angie had given Hope for Christmas. :o)
A lap for stories! Hurrah!!!
A game of Scrabble with Judy Collier before Judy and Lorrie went out to lunch together. The pink snow pants Hope is wearing she found in a tub downstairs when Lorrie and I were pulling out baby clothes earlier that morning. Hope still had the snow boots on too, so she was roasting, but quite happy. She was a little dopey, so we thought we should relieve her of a layer or two before Grandma left for lunch. :o)
A cute new outfit for Hope from Cheri Hamvas, a friend from Denver. Before naptime that day, Lorrie taught Hope "ladybug" by pointing to the ones on Hope's shirt and in the book. Now, whenever you say "ladybug" to Hope, she starts pointing to her arm, remembering they were on her sleeve!
Hope showing Grandma how she can do her shape ball all by herself now.
Hope's top hair is finally getting long enough to go into piggy tails without also needing clips on the top, which is really nice!
Quenching a thirst after naptime one afternoon. Hope woke up with quite the fuzz head look that day! :o)
Building Duplo towers all by herself now.
And quite happily too!
Hope "helping" Grandma peel oranges for breakfast on Sunday.
And having fun with it - the best part.
Sunday afternoon after church. Toting her full toy basket around was quite entertaining for us to watch. Just love the adorable jumper Lorrie brought for Hope from Denver.
"A brilliant idea - I'll push it instead!!!"
"Head down, grunt, grunt, this is hard work, guys!"
A game of Ticket to Ride with Mom, a first for us to play with her. :o)
And... this is Hope's way of telling you she has a dirty diaper. One day she'll learn to sit on the potty without crying... hopefully soon!

It was lovely to have Grandma Lorrie here with us for a while, though the time went by sooo fast! We did make it out to Tim Horton's for coffee the morning she left, which is a nice little thing she and I try and do together when she's here. We are so blessed. :o) Looking forward to the next time we can be together.

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