Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol XI

As I typed the title for this post, I realized there probably won't be many more "At home with Hope" posts, because soon it'll be "At home with Hope and ____." I have reached a happy 37 weeks of pregnancy, and each of us here dearly look forward to meeting our new little one very soon. :o)

Meanwhile, I cherish these last days with "just Hope" and continue to be blessed by her contented nature, and her sweet, responsive spirit.
My Mum found these blocks for Hope through a store in Lethbridge, because I couldn't find any up here, and wanted Hope to have some. We usually keep them in a bag in a cupboard and bring them out at special times when she needs something new to do. :o)
Checking out that lettering while sitting on my pillow in the hallway outside the sewing room. I think I was washing our sheets that day, so the pillow was probably on the floor of our room where she could reach it. :o)
Concentrating very hard on getting them back in the bag.
While I was putting away the summer hats and getting out the winter stuff, Hope saw this hat and quickly toddled off with it. :o)
The PJ's added to the charm of her mood as she toddled around with a winter glove in one hand and a summer bonnet in the other.
Learning how to brush her teeth like a big girl. :o)
Of course, talking to the Tigger on her toothbrush (whom she calls "Piglet") is part of the fun too!
I was cooking up some chicken for the freezer one day, and Hope took a fancy to the foil pans. I thought there would be no harm in letting her play with them for a while, and did she ever have fun, which was a delight to me to watch. :o)
Happy with herself for getting them stacked back together, I think.
Shortly after this point I rescued the tin pans from her, as they were getting kind of banged up due to her crashing them together like cymbals. :o)
The car seat had gotten crumby enough, and sticky too, so I hauled it into the house to wash the liner and clean off the plastic parts. This was October 27, Hope's 20 month-old birthday. I gave her a bath that day/night and discovered when I weighed her that she had finally reached 20 pounds - big enough to face the front of the car in her car seat. She wanted to sit in the car seat while I had it in the living room, and I think Josh was behind me making her laugh when I took these shots.
Our little girl. She's such a blessing to us.
Still as flexible as ever, and likes to play with her feet like a baby. :o)
Good thing she doesn't have an overly loud voice!
Hope enjoys the novelty of sitting on her sponge ball, and I think she came up with it all on her own. (I certainly didn't show her how in my current state!) It's quite the balancing act to watch her get on it, but she backs up and steadies herself carefully and achieves her goal!

Just a couple videos of Hope blowing her wrapping-paper-tube-trumpet. I recall loving doing that as a kid anytime Mom had an empty roll. :o)

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