Saturday, November 13, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol XIII

We've been blessed with some sunny days here the last couple weeks, and Hope and I have been enjoying walking in the sunshine whenever it's warm enough. She is fascinated with my sunglasses, and was playing with them before our walk one day.
"Hmmm..... do they go like this?"
This was Remembrance Day. Thought I'd at least dress her in something with red on it, like the poppies.
We were getting ready for a weekend visit from Auntie Lydia, who was coming up to spend her birthday with us, so Hope was doing the artwork on a poster for her. Hooray for washable crayons! Josh could have used some of those when he was a little tot!
Hope was delighted and fascinated with Lydia's silver bangles. :o)
Uhm, I think Hope kinda missed the "smile" part of the picture.
Saturday morning we had a nice little birthday breakfast, and then Hope helped Auntie open a present. I thought it was cute how they both have similar expressions in this shot. :o)
Saturday was also Grandma Lorrie's (Josh's Mom's) birthday, and Hope made a poster for her too. Hope didn't really get the part about holding it up to show the camera... she was more interested in re-arranging the ladybug stickers she had put on it.
I thought maybe Lydia could help Hope hold it, but Hope was quite set on playing with the stickers, hence the signing "please" you see in this picture.
Josh took us out for supper that evening. Nov 13th was also the 3rd anniversary of when Josh and I got engaged, so it was a double-date... or whatever. Again, looks like Hope missed the "smile" part. :o) Beautiful smile from my beautiful sister, though. It was sooo special to have her here for a quiet weekend with us, even though baby Thumper didn't come on her birthday like we'd hoped. :o)
After eating the supper I'd brought for her from home, Hope had fun eating and playing with soda crackers. The tall glass of water with a straw also kept her occupied for quite a while too.
Sunday afternoon, Auntie Lydia had to leave. She put Hope down for her nap, and then left while Hope was still sleeping. When Hope got up she really made like she wanted the blanket from the couch spread out on the floor. So... we put it down there for her and it didn't take long for her to fill it with the toys she wanted to play with, and sit down in her own little world of imagination.
Very busy with her baby doll...
Making sure the dolly has a blanket to keep warm...
And showing the dolly her Spot book. Hope is getting to be quite talkative these days, or perhaps I should say "jabber-tive." It's so cute to hear her talk to herself and her toys and to us throughout the day. :o) Her jabber often sounds like she's yodeling. Must be music in her veins.
Look who's shoes she found! ... and got them on herself and walking around in them by herself this time too.
Focused or what!

This is a short clip of a new expression Hope started saying all on her own. Josh and I looked at each other one mealtime, wondering if we'd actually heard her say what we thought. Yep. We did. Here it is. :o)

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  1. Hope is a little doll, Erin! Loved all the pictures. :)