Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New things with my new friend

Hope and Erin sang lots together this week, and Hope learned lots of new verses to "If you're happy and you know it." Like "touch your nose, clap your toes, open your mouth."...Can't remember exactly what they were singing in this picture...
...but Hope was sure happy!
And yes, she's getting into making faces too.
"Praise Him, Praise Him, shout unto God with the voice of praise!"
I would never have thought of doing this, (flipping the back of her dress up to use as a hood) but Hope loved it, and kept asking Erin "again, please" over and over again.
"Smile for the camera."
The picture of happiness.
Erin babysat Hope one morning while I went to pick up groceries and see the chiropractor. I had found one of Hope's mittens in my coat pocket and set it on the table just before leaving. Erin said Hope saw the mitten and wanted to wear it while she ate a cookie, so she did! Good thing life comes with washable items!
Teaching Hope how to wink... which she actually can do now. You just start with both eyes scrunched up and then open one!
And, my dear friend and sweet daughter helping with sewing some Christmas napkins. I edged them on the serger and Erin hid all the serger ends for me. :o)
Snuggle time with a Winnie-the-Pooh book after nap time. It was such a blessing to have someone get Hope after her nap if I was still napping! Helped me feel way more rested, which is a great thing when you're about to give birth to a baby. :o)
...Erin must have taken this one.
And this one! Two of my favourite gals in the whole wide world.
Hope enjoys rocking in her rocking chair more and more all the time. She still needs someone to lift her into it, but that's just the way it goes when you're short!
Though, she can get out by herself. :o)
My sweet sisters came for another weekend, just in case Thumper decided to make his entrance. I'd had 14 hrs of contractions on Friday so I really thought things were going to go, but... everything calmed down and we're contentedly and eagerly waiting some more.
This was some brown paper that was stuffed around a parcel we got in the mail, and instead of throwing it out, Erin suggested we colour on it with Hope.
See the little hand prints? We traced lots of them that afternoon!
Don't you love the hair-do? :o) Erin did it for her for church that morning, and couldn't resist putting the cute little bows in her hair.
Monday we had a great day of doing things around the house, one of which was relieving the china cabinet of all the dust that had accumulated in it. Erin discovered that Hope fit in the cabinet, and they had lots of fun playing "knock, knock"! Needless to say, I windexed the glass after Hope and Erin were done dusting.
"Look at me, Mommy."
Making Hope a baby in her tummy, just like Mommy.
Of course, the "funnest part" was pulling open her vest and watching the balls bounce onto the floor!
We didn't quite get the picture, but Hope was putting her hands in her vest pockets, holding up her tummy, and it was sooo cute!

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  1. Erin, you've been on my heart and mind a bit the last few weeks. I'm praying for you and the arrival of this new little person! I'm eagerly anticipating the news of when baby makes their appearance.