Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Upon a Happy Tuesday

This Tuesday was a happy day. I got to spend lots of one-on-one time with Hope in the morning, taking her swimming in a pool for the first time since she was 5 months old. She preferred to be standing in the water, which meant we spent a lot of time in the shallowest parts of the kids pool, but it was fun, and the buoyancy on my tummy felt nice!We brought smoothies home for lunch with Josh, who was working from home that day, which made it an especially happy day. Before naptime, Hope was wiping of her booster seat tray, and other things, as you can see. Here she was saying "TOES" as she wiped the doll's feet. Later she said "HANDS" as she wiped the doll's hands, which was also very cute!
After a good nap for Hope and a good nap for me, I gave Hope a bath, as the shower at the pool had been pretty quick. For dessert for supper we had fresh made GF gingersnaps, which Hope loves, as you can see. :o)
Then we cleaned up supper and settled into the living room for devotions and playtime. Hope decided to try on my shoes, and did we ever have fun watching her!
I think she was saying "Hurray!"
Needs a little help from Daddy to walk in these big shoes.
Grinnin' at her Daddy.
Decided to try pushing the nearby laundry basket to steady herself with just one shoe on.
And... getting brave enough to shuffle along on her own, over to the toy basket.
Then it was time for "share the recliner," though I think Hope really just wanted the chair to herself, truth be told.
And so... Josh got off. :o)
Can't recall what Hope was saying "please" for, but that's what she was doing. :o) Josh read her stories, and put her to bed, and thus was the wonderful end of a wonderful day. :o) So many blessings to count... :o)

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  1. She is precious! I love her snowman fuzzies (pjs.) Praying for you as time gets closer for your second lil' one to arrive! I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your November!