Wednesday, November 17, 2010

39 weeks and counting

Hello from snowy Spruce Grove, Alberta! Outside it looks and feels like winter, which seems like a perfect time to have a new baby to snuggle with and cuddle. However, we are still waiting, though it won't be long now. :o) My dear friend, Erin McElroy came yesterday to visit and hang out just in case she might get to use her midwifery skills in helping this little one come into the world.
Hope is getting quite used to having playmates around, and thankfully Erin loves little people!
Hope's starting to like to rock in her rocking chair, especially when there's another person rocking beside her in the recliner. :o)
Our wonderful midwife, Heidi, came this morning for my 39 wk check-up. After Heidi was done with Mommy, Hope laid herself down on the bed and started patting her tummy. I knew right away what she wanted, and Heidi sweetly obliged! Gotta be just like Mommy, ya know!Then, Hope wanted her tummy measured too! Erin gladly obliged.
After Heidi left, we decided to warm up the house with some baking. Hope and Erin made peanut butter cookies on one counter while I made bread on the other. We had so much fun, amidst the confusion of keeping track of who had the the measuring spoons, salt, and eggs!
And... just for my Mummy, who was asking to see my tummy again. :o) Believe it or not, this is me 3 cm bigger than I was when Hope was born!
Baby hanging out low and ready for delivery. :o) Thankfully the baby is still growing, is still very active and has a strong heartbeat!

...Looking forward to meeting you soon, little Thumper!

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  1. I love it that Hope wanted her tummy measured! :-) Our lil' girls are going to be wonderful big sisters. :-) Praying for you as the day approaches when you all get to meet and hold your lil' baby!