Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello everyone! To answer the question of the hour: "Yes, I'm still pregnant!"
Today marks 6 days overdue, which is when Hopey-Doodle came. So... our hope is that the Lord will bring this baby soon. Baby's cradle is out by our bed now, ready for our little bundle whenever he/she comes.

I've been so blessed in these days of waiting. Father keeps encouraging me from His word and directing my thoughts. Today is the first "hard day" I've felt I've had. Hard to wait. And yet, this is His choosing for me and for us, and I know "Jesus doeth all things well."

It's been such a blessing to have our home filled with people who love us and care for us. My Mum is here right now, and Erin McElroy came back too! These two lovely ladies have been helping me get our house all festive looking for Christmas.

My Grandma quilted the nativity quilt on the wall, and the collection of angels on top of the piano came mostly from piano students over the years.
We put up a green fur Christmas tree in the corner of our dining room. I saved the popcorn strings from last year which made decorating a lot quicker this year! Poor Hope, she had a minor melt down when we had to tell her that she couldn't eat the popcorn! I quickly distracted her by having her help me put the other ornaments to put on the tree, which thankfully worked! We did that for a few minutes then I took Hope to the other room while Mum strung the popcorn strings on the tree.
Our Willow Tree nativity set - a very kind gift given to us by Josh's Mom the last two Christmases.
My zany Mother, lifting the tree while Erin pulled the drop cloth out from underneath it!
See Erin? :o)
Mum showed me how to do a new kind of fleece blanket, so here we are getting it laid out to cut. I don't know if I'll keep the blanket for our kiddos or give it as a gift, but I finished it last night, so it's ready for whatever I decide. :o) I think it might be the perfect size to cover the car seat in the cold Alberta winter.
Getting ready to play.
The Pooh House still is a favourite toy!
Watching "Doe a Deer" on Josh's ipad last night.
Hope was intently focused on that screen! It was rather cute.

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