Friday, December 24, 2010

Upon a Christmas Eve

Good evening!
Just popping on for a few minutes to share some pictures of my darlings from today.
I know our families are missing us as much as we are missing them, but we carry their love in our hearts and seek to give it to our little ones as well. We are grateful to know that everyone of them is safe and warm, and knows the love of Jesus deep within their hearts. It is with sincere fondness and admiration that I remember my dear father-in-law, Albert, in this season that was very special to him. He is with us in peaceful and happy memories at this time of Christmas.

Now for the pictures. :o)

This is how I do Hope's hair most mornings - after breakfast while she's still in her chair.
Joy was content for a few minutes on the table beside us. She likes hearing Hope chatter. I think the familiar sound is calming to her.
After "helping" change Joy's diaper this morning, Hope wanted to play piano. As you can see, she was singing along too.
My little sweetie.
My growing baby girl.
Suppertime. :o) It was the first "full meal" I've made since Joy's birth. We had salad, ribs, honey-glazed carrots, and pasta. The contents of the red popcorn bowl at the end of the table is my other accomplishment for the day - a batch of Carmel corn for Josh. (well, and for me too)
Half a grin.
After supper we decided, in the tradition of our families, to open a gift on Christmas Eve. Hope and Josh explored her new Quiet Book for quite a while. I had one just like it as a kid growing up.
Josh & I opened our "Langemann exchange gift," from Amy. Meanwhile, Hopey-Doodle occupied herself with the ribbon that was on the gift, wrapping it around herself and such... :o)
The gift was a new game - HURRAH! Our game collection is rather small, so this is a perfect gift! Thanks, Amy. Apples to Apples Bible Edition will be fun to play when we have guests.
And, a little awake time with Daddy before reading some from Luke 2 and getting the girls ready for bed.

Sweet dreams, everyone. Looking forward to Christmas morning with an inquisitive toddler and a newborn baby!

"But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart."

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