Friday, December 17, 2010

Saturday, December 11th

After Mum left on Saturday, the rest of us did... well, you'll see. Slept!!! That would be mainly J-O-Y taking care of that dept, though Hope and I got naps too!
Hope was in full play-mode with Amy here, and it was hard to get her still enough to get some pictures with Joy, but at last we succeeded and got these few.
"Baby. Ear."
"Shh...." as she tries to get Joy to hold her hand.
Later that afternoon, we were blessed by a visit from Jason and Nicole Kumpolt and their three little girls! Amy is holding Amelia, I think.
Lorrie and Louisa. Hope had just got up from a nap and wasn't sure what all these people were doing in her living room.
The amazing couple themselves! They are quite the troopers with three girls 18 months and younger. Their twins were 5 lb 10oz and 5 lb 14oz when they were born - so just either side of Joy. The twins are 3 months old now, and growing like nobody's business, as you saw in the other pictures!
Me and my wee one.
Contentedly sleeping after getting a full tummy. It was interesting to observe the twins. The one was crying away, and the other was totally asleep right beside it. However, when Joy made a little cry, the sleeping twin was disturbed! Sooo amazing how siblings are used to each other. It happens at our house too! Joy can sleep through any of Hope's noises and household noises too. She heard it all in the womb so.... :o)
A real live baby to rock! We hadn't yet had Joy in her carseat, so this was new for Hope. Like the dress she's wearing? J&N gave us matching cordurouy dresses for the girls for next fall/winter. Hope, of course, wanted to try hers on right away.
"What's in there?"
Another picture of sleeping Joy for all the Aunties who couldn't be here.

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