Monday, December 13, 2010

At home with Hope and Joy

We were incredibly blessed to have my Mum here with us from Nov 24 - Dec 11th! No one knew we would be waiting as long as we were for Joy's birth, but Mum wasn't about to miss it, and we were very cared for and blessed by her loving spirit. Thanks to Dad and the boys for "batching it" for that long!
Hope opening an early Christmas present.
It was another piece of the Willow Tree Nativity set from Josh's Mom! Hope saw it and immediately went for her Fisher Price nativity pieces and started putting them in it without any of us telling her what it was.
She also thought it would make a good little seat for herself. While adoring our newborn is a 24/7 job, we still greatly enjoy our firstborn and her antics. Children are a blessing!
Sleeping on Auntie Amy's lap. Joy loves to be warm and cozy when she sleeps.
Mum saw Rice Krispie Christmas trees in a book or magazine somewhere and she thought it would be a fun craft to do with Hope. Amy helped too. As Mum told me afterwards "If the smarties look like they've been licked, they have!" Hope has taken a liking to the candy. A Langemann girl to be sure. (I prefer M&M's myself...)
Thursday night was my first meal out of bed. Just like we used to do with Hope when she was a baby, we plopped Joy Belle on the table where everyone could adore her. :o) Lorrie treated us to an old German dish - Rouladen, made fresh by her loving hands that afternoon.
There's the little darling without the yawn!
First attempt at a family picture.
Happy happy happy. :o)
Granny cuddling with the wee one on the couch after supper. Funny how having a newborn in the house makes everyone tired. :o)
I wrapped Joy's hands in her blanket the first day or two, but she naturally likes them around her face, so I decided to just let her be.
Besides, she's sooo dramatic with her hands. It's too cute to miss!
Napping on Mommy and Daddy's bed.
Big sister Hope continues her exploration of every part of Joy's head.
...Talkin' to her Daddy. Or maybe she was listening...
A couch full of cuddles!
One last sleep in Amy's arms for the day. Amy reassured me she'd be glad to be woken up in the night if I "just needed someone to hold Joy." :o)
Saturday morning Mum had to leave our happy nest to return to her own, but not before one more snuggle time with Joy. :o)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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