Friday, December 3, 2010

Granny Time

Last Saturday Mum and I attended a ladies Christmas breakfast at our church while Josh and Hope did things at home and went Christmas Tree shopping.
Granny and Hope tested all the strings of lights before putting any of them on the tree.
I think of the old song "Jesus bids us shine" .... "You in your small corner and I in mine."
Looks like she's groovin' to her own rhythm. Nice cinnamon sticks she's got. :o) (I was making cranberry-apple cider in the kitchen and Hope took a fancy to the cinnamon sticks.)
Working away at stringing the lights. After a nice bubble bath on a Saturday night! My Mum is the best bath-er of little kids I have ever met.
Sunday afternoon playing games around the dining room table. It was a chilly day so we dressed Hope in a sweater and pants after church.
Little miss adorable. Saying "tree," I think.
"Ball. Roll" Yes, that's what balls do, but not the ornament balls, Hope!
Monday morning, playing on a blanket on the living room floor. Looks like the dolly is frustrating her or something.
Kim McElroy joined us for the weekend while bringing Erin back up to be with us again until the birth. Monday morning she and Hope played together while some guys came to blow insulation into our roof. (Yes, it was booked for when I was overdue, but that's just when they could come, and it needed to be done.) I think Kim was telling Hope the story of Jonah in this picture.
Hope cautiously looking into the hallway at that big dirty hose that was rattling away on top of the plastic. We had a nice mess of grey insulation pieces to clean up off all the surfaces on the main floor after the guys left, but we were thankful to get the insulation put in and things cleaned up again before baby's arrival.
Havin' a cookie.
Gotta keep our hands busy while waiting on this little one. I made up some GF gingerbread dough and Mum graciously stood at the counter for several hours and rolled them out while I took a long afternoon nap. :o) Thanks to Lydia for the great recipe!
They are quite the pair. We've been laughing a lot!
Glazing the cookies. They turned out really well and taste delicious for being sugar free and gluten free. :o)
Hopey-Doodle getting some sit still time in her chair with her favourite little friend, Piglet. Hope's into showing her dolls and stuffed animals how to do everything she does these days.
On this particular occasion Piglet was subjected to learning how to colour with crayons and put stickers on paper. :o)

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