Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A visit from Miss Erin

Me and my two precious daughters after breakfast yesterday morning. They are the best gifts we could ever want.
Needless to say, Daddy was on call for helping us in and out of this pose!
My dear friend, Erin McElroy who stayed with us while we waited and waited for Joy's birth, came back up to see out little "dew drop."
Joy's getting strong in her neck and is pulling her head up/back more and more each day.
"Who are you? I recognize your voice..."
Snuggles for baby Joy.
Hope is such a sweetheart. She's such a blessing to us.
Playin' with her Nativity set from Grandma.
Rocking Joy's new bear while Miss Erin rocks Joy.
Discussing the facial parts...again.
All ready for bed.
Looking at the Christmas lights in our room.
It's neat. I don't know for sure why this is, but if Joy is fussing, I just take her and lay her on our bed and she calms right down. Perhaps it's the warmth of our bedroom, or the softness of the bed or the familiar smell of the quilt made by my Mum. Perhaps she remembers being born in that room. Perhaps she knows it's a safe and quiet place of love... who knows... but it's a place where she's content, and contentment is a beautiful thing.
"Cuddlin' my baby sister..."
Hope communicated very clearly to me this morning that she wanted to hold baby Joy in her rocking chair. She did really good with it, though I was glad Erin was nearby to steady the girls while I took pictures.
Hope got a letter in the mail from Granny, and she no sooner reached into the envelope and pulled out the stickers that she started asking to be put in her chair so she could sit and play with the stickers. I didn't have time to get her pad of paper before she decided to decorate Granny's picture with the stickers. :o) Thanks, Mum!
We had to get one of these for "old time's sake."
We got one like this with Hope when she was a newborn too, and it seems to me Hope was also sorta smiling in that picture. :o)
We wanted one of all four of us, but Hope was still messily eating her "burry," (her word for smoothies) so we opted for this pose. :o)
One last cuddle before Miss Erin had to leave.

"Thank you, friend, for being here again and lovin' on our little ones, washing our dishes, cleaning our bathroom, and just being a friend to us! May God bless your socks off in the road of change ahead of you."

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