Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas, Pt 2

Hello again! I'm making an exception to my normal Sunday computer fast to get these photos from yesterday uploaded while I have the chance. We're taking off for Foremost tonight to visit with my family and grandparents for the week, so I don't know how much I'll be blogging in the next few days. :o)

So for now, please enjoy the pictures from Christmas Day at 40 Greenwood Dr.

Our tree. Can't believe all those presents were for just us four little people!
Hope's first discovery of the day - a little table & chairs set from Grandma. (Lorrie)
Hanging out with her baby doll while Josh cooked some pancakes and I got Joy and myself ready.
Reading part of the Christmas story. In Langemann tradition, we read the Christmas accounts in segments throughout our day.
Hope finds a present. Daddy had to tell her this one was for Mommy, not her, but she didn't mind. I had fun curling Hope's hair for Christmas.
Watching Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas address. It is a nice speech if you care to take a few minutes.
We also watched Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Christmas speech, and I was cheering by the end of it.
Helping each other open a gift. They did lots of this all day long, as I was nursing Joy a good deal of the time we were opening gifts.
"Can't see, can't see.... what is it?"
A Winnie-the-Pooh and Eyeore from Daddy to go with her Piglet and Tigger.
Time-out for a diaper change for the wee one.
And a cookie for Hope. The table and chairs were put to use right away, as you can see.
This gift took the prize for the most creatively decorated! It was a book from her Langemann uncles, decorated with ladybug chocolates. (Doodle-Bug...Lady-Bug... you get the idea)
New shirts for Josh (from me.)
Holding one daughter, helping the other. :o) What happiness!
Stickers!!! And a sticker book! Now this is a perfect gift! Auntie Melody has great ideas.
I couldn't be happier.
Nor could she.
...of course... "" Hope checks for the vitals every time. :o)
Time-out to make a little pot of cranberry-apple cider. I usually poke the cloves into orange slices, but I thought I'd try apple slices this time. Tasted great.
Josh took a few minutes to step out and pick up the mail. Hope snatched up his hand and put it on herself as soon as he got back.
"Outside, outside..." I think she wanted to go out and play, but it was pretty cold, and nearly naptime so...we kept her indoors. Hopefully she'll get lots of outdoor time at the farm with her aunties & uncles.
Brewing myself a cup of Candy-Cane-Lane tea in my new Tim Horton's mug. It's a beautiful mug, with each of Canada's provinces and territories depicted in a little picture on the bottom.
Modeling Mommy's new scarf from Melody. I think that's the first homemade scarf I've ever received! I like it very much, and I wore it to church today.
A spinning top!!! Another perfect gift! Hope loves it.
Cider and cookies for Josh and I while Hope naps.
Hope was so content to play with each gift as she opened them, that it took all day for her to actually open all her presents. We saved the last few for after naptime, so she'd have something new to explore while Mommy made supper.
Like this one - alphabet letters for the fridge. And yes - it was my own doing, I brought it totally upon myself, so I have no one else to blame or thank as I step on letters all over the house. Oh well! It'll be a great learning tool. I'm looking forward to starting to teach Hope the alphabet with them in the New Year.
Daddy was helping her spell her name and Joy's name.
Speaking of Joy... our last picture for this post shall be of her.
Thanks to Heather Fehr for the darling Christmas sleeper for Joy!!! It kept her cozy and Christmas-y all day.

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