Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simple Gifts

After Wednesday came Thursday, the first day "on my own," though Josh only had to work in the city for the afternoon, he worked from home in the morning. While my Mum was here she started teaching Hope how to help put clean dishes from the dishwasher away. Hope likes to help, and so this is another thing we now do together.
Hooray for homemade baby wraps! This helps so much when Joy wants to be snuggled and I need to both hands free. Joy does better in it if I'm standing and moving. She doesn't really like being still... imagine that. :o)
Playdough time for Hopey-Doodle while Mommy feeds baby Joy.
Breanna Ardron, a new young friend of ours, came over for the afternoon on Thursday to help me with some things around the house. She folded laundry, washed dishes, washed floors, and of course, held the baby. :o) The Lord has such precious ways of taking care of us! Praise Him for the loving care of His saints.
Gettin' ready for bed - another new thing to do together, and Hope loves it, especially the part about being on Mommy and Daddy's bed!
"Head - Hair..."
Next morning - getting ready for the day. This is how I do it when I've got both girls awake at the same time. Hope likes it when I put baby Joy in her bed, because then she's close by while Hope gets ready.
I'm teaching Hope to shake the bunny rattle for Joy. We used a rattle toy like that right away with Hope to get her to start following sounds with her eyes, and Joy follows the bunny with her eyes already too.
Big sister.
Likes her little sister very much.
After supper time with Daddy...
...while Hope "helps" Mommy clean up the supper table. Note the pepper grinder in her hands. Lots of things make fun rattling noises. :o) I just love that Piglet shirt that my Mum gave her!
"Take my picture, Daddy."
Sunday evening with our wee ones. I was so cold after my nap I put a second sweater around my shoulders. :o)
Trying some close up shots with my new camera...
Check out the index finger!
Sweet baby Joy.

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