Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa

Dear Papa,Happy Birthday! Mummy tells me you are 56 today! Well, I'm 6 days old, so that's one number the same as you. :o)
I have had a very good day, mostly eating and sleeping, but as you can see, I was awake for a little while and Mommy took these pictures of me just for you on your birthday.
I hope I get to meet you soon. Mommy says I will like you because you are warm, and I love to be warm! I already know you are a very special person because you are my Mommy's Daddy, and you let my Granny come and be with me for a long time which meant she was away from you for a long time!
Mommy says it's almost time for me to eat again, so we have to say goodbye.
I love you Papa.
Happy Birthday!
Your second granddaughter,

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