Friday, December 17, 2010

The rest of Lorrie and Amy's visit

Amy and Lorrie stayed through Tuesday the 14th, so here's the rest of the pictures from their visit with us. Two girls in pink on a Sunday afternoon.
...Sunday evening...
Hope wanted to see baby Joy before bedtime.
Hope thinks baby sisters are the best. I think Joy was thinking that milk would be best at that moment.
But it's still cute.
Does she look happy or what? Mum and Dad bought her this sleigh for Christmas, but Mum gave it to her while she was still here! Hope loves it! Sometimes she asks me "snow? play?" Soon... soon I'll be strong enough to go out and frolic with her while Joy naps. :o)
Hooray for Auntie Amy who likes to take Hope outside!
A birthday celebration for me the night before Lorrie and Amy left. Weird facial expression....
Hope, of course, helped me open some presents. New winter gloves from Lorrie! Woo-hoo!
And some neat little flavored cooking oils from Angie.
And a Willow Tree baby keepsake thing from Amy.
One last breakfast together before Josh took them to the airport.
I think this one is priceless.
So nice when your baby is alert for pictures!
Bye-Bye hug for Hopey-Doodle. I think she was starting to blow kisses already.
While the others were at the airport and while Hope was napping, Heidi came for Joy's one-week check-up.
To our delight, and with much thanksgiving in our hearts to the Lord, Joy weighed 5 lb 13 oz - one ounce up from her birth weight in her first week! You go girl!!!
Dozing in the bassinet of the playpen, which we have set up in the living room next to the piano. It's helpful to have it there as a changing station and a place where we can set Joy down and still have her near us.

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