Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 28th Birthday

Wednesday, December 15th - the first day on our own :o)
It was a nice easy day of transition, with Josh being off work on account of it being my birthday.
Joy's first car ride - tagging along with the rest of us who had appointments to see our chiropractor.
Wearing the hat and booties Mum made for Hope. This is the only hat that fits Joy's ovalish head. :o)
Openin' a present from my sis. It was a lovely snow globe with two silver turtledoves in it.
And...... yes, this is really what it looks like - AN SLR CAMERA FROM MY MAN!!!! I have wanted one of these for years, and this one is even better than the model I had in mind. WOW!!!
Helping Mommy with her presents.
The first picture snapped with my new Nikon. :o)
And then Daddy picked up the camera and started having fun.
So nice to have a camera that "snaps" when you want it to, capturing previously missed expressions.
Likes having her picture taken.
My loving hubby adoring our little one.
And, just because it was Wednesday... but also because Josh was available... it was time for the first double-bathtime experience. :o)
Joy loved being in the big tub of water where she could splash around.
And it was toasty warm in the bathroom so she didn't even mind getting dried off. Stay tuned for more pictures. :o)

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