Friday, December 3, 2010

New company

Last Wednesday, Erin said goodbye to us for a while, to spend some time with her siblings. Time for one more new type of fun with Hope before she left though... Like the "hat?"
It is really the Duplo bag, turned up and put on Hope's head!
That same day, my wonderful Mum came to stay with us to wait for baby and help care for us afterwards. Thankfully, Hope loves her this time and is thrilled to have Granny play with her and care for most of her basic needs!
More new games! "Where's Hope?" Guess they were pretending like she was the baby in the tummy. :o)
"She's gone. All except for the legs, that is." (to paraphrase Tigger)
"Here I am!"
Watching Granny find the crochet hook she needs. Mum keeps all her small metal crochet hooks in a tooth brush holder. She had taped it closed and given it to Hope to play with, as it made a merry shaker-rattle type sound.
PLAY-DOUGH! Hope's first time trying this well loved childhood activity.
She didn't catch on right away, but after a week at it she's getting much better! She likes all the animal shapes, and is starting to use the rolling pin on the dough by herself.
Hope's been in need of a winter coat for a while, and I just wasn't finding anything that was "right." I finally found this one at Super Store, and it was the same price to buy a complete set as it was to buy an individual coat, so I of course bought the whole snow suit. It has pink fuzzy lining, and Hope loves it!
Mum offered to make a batch of Christmas fruit bread for us, and Hope greatly enjoyed helping someone new bake in our kitchen!
It was a sunny day, so after lunch Granny suited Hope up for her very first outing in the snow!
The Doodle-Bug loved it! Here she's saying "cooooold."
And here she's trying to knock down the mound Granny piled up.
"I'm the queen of the castle...."
I pulled out a few sandbox toys, which worked great for a Hope-sized snow wall! Granny would fill the containers, Hope would pat them down, and Granny would dump them out.
Looks right at home, doesn't she?
Bedtime stories. I think Granny told Hope it was time to be done, but Hope didn't quite agree, hence the look on Granny's face. :o) I then came and told Hope it was time to be done and that she needed to obey Granny and whisked her off to bed before she could disagree or find another book to read!

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