Saturday, October 16, 2010

A week in the life

Thanksgiving weekend started off with having some new friends, Ben and Jenna and their little girl, Tallulah, over for dinner on Saturday night. I heard a very lively story being told to two little girls, and popped my head into the living room to see if it could be that Hope was actually sitting on someone else's lap, and sure enough - she was! Of course, Ben was making up a new story to go with the pictures. :o) I recall loving it when Dad would do that when we were kids!
Hope and Tallulah are just a couple months apart in age, and Ben and Jenna are expecting their second baby, just like we are. It was a special time together of hearing each others stories, and trying to teach the girls to share the toys!
For Thanksgiving dinner, we were invited over to Mike and Karina Ardron's. Hope loved all baby Hudson's toys, and was quite happy to just be around Hudson too. :o) At 6 months old, Hudson only weighs one pound less than Hope does right now! He's such a content little tot, and specially loved by this family, being ten years younger than his next oldest sibling. :o)
More of the Ardron's, and the amazing feast they had prepared. We ate till we were full or more than full, then had a long visit before dessert. When we left they blessed us with a whole box full of leftovers, which was such a blessing to have for this week!
Monday: Hope and her book with the extra-pretty pictures.
For some reason she almost always looks at books upside-down. Hmm....
Hope and I set out to make a big batch of pumpkin bread that morning. After supper Monday night, Josh loaded up the stroller with Hope and 9 loaves, and we went around to wish our neighbours a Happy Thanksgiving.
She's really into doing it by hand these days. :o) I had to carefully sort through the bowl before adding the liquid to make sure I retrieved all the measuring spoons she had buried in there.
Tuesday was a beautifully sunny day, and after Mom's and Tot's in the morning, and scrambled eggs and pancakes for lunch, Hope and I got ready for a walk. I was still hungry so I thought I'd eat an apple on the walk. I gave it to Hope so she could hold it while I got my shoes on or something, and I never got it back! She did let me have a few bites though! Soooo glad she's getting interested in more foods these days.
Still grinning over the fact that she has Mommy's apple.
"Hooooottttt" - the word for all extremes. The metal shaft was cold, not hot, but I knew what she meant.
There's a lot of construction nearby where we walk, as the city is putting in a new park. Hope hears the big trucks and tractors while we walk, so this day we walked to the end of a little sidewalk so she could watch the tractors working. She was fascinated. :o)
Perched on her Pansy stool and enjoying water from her new cup. With Josh's approval, I ordered some good Tupperware cups for us, as the cheap plastic ones we had were wearing out, and you sure can't have just glass when you're raising little ones! We like the Tupperware cups very much.

And so, that's our week in review. Tomorrow is Josh's first Sunday playing violin with the worship team at church. It's so exciting for us me to see this opportunity God has brought into this season of our lives. May our hands bring glory to the King, be they holding a violin or a little girl. :o)


  1. What church are you guys going too? Love the pictures of Hope, she is a cutie! =)

  2. FYI: It's Corina as opposed to Karina. =) -Jared