Monday, January 16, 2012

The day after returning from our Foremost trip, the girls and I headed over to Super Store to re-stock our empty fridge and see what things might be on clearance and on our "needed" list. 
As I was hoping, snowsuits were on clearance! Hard to believe with the second girl in a row that we needed a snowsuit in a different size, but as Hope and Joy are very different in personality, size, and growth rate, we did need an actual "snow suit" for Joy, as the baby fleece one won't suit her if Hope and I are romping around in the snow. :o)
I still don't know what to do about boots for her, as her feet are so little... (still size 1 or 2) I think I'll just layer up the socks and put her in the boots Hope wore last year.
Hope has decided that purple is her favourite colour, so she was pretty happy about getting a new purple snowsuit. We can still get her into her one from last year, but I wanted to pick up one that would finish off this year and set us up for the next winter while they were on clearance. :o)
Playing a matching game with Daddy-o!
Just thought I'd take a picture of her too, since she saw me with the camera and made a face. :o)
 The music's on, and they know what they want to do!
She did that to herself... I promise!
Here comes the bundle of life herself!
Oh my Joy - do you have to be that cute? Good. I'm glad you think so!
Chuckle, chuckle. "Mommy likes me."
Praising the Lord with the music. :o)
And since I was sitting on the floor taking pictures, they thought they should come sit on top of me!!

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