Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our weekend hapinesses

Just some cuteness from this past weekend. 
Playing piano on Daddy's ipad while her hair drys after her bath.
And of course, ten other little fingers wanted to be doing it too.
Room for both.
Joy got in on the end of Hope's story time as Joy had finished nursing before Josh was done putting Hope to bed. :o)
Thought I would get a picture of them at the beginning of the day while their dresses were still clean. :o)
Surprised? Surely not!
I think she heard "praise the Lord" on the CD that was playing...
Twirling with her curls. She loved having her hair curled to go to church. I'll have to make time to curl her hair more often. ;o)
"Please girls, Mommy wants a good shot of you together!"
LOVE the tongue, kiddo!
Ahh yes, it was that time...
Sunday night we hosted our Home Group and I'd made a cake to welcome our newest member, who was just born. I don't exactly have much in the way of decorating supplies, so the Lord gave me the idea to use a Ziploc bag for the icing bag and a butter knife for spreading the base icing. I was happy with the way both worked, though a second Ziploc bag was needed over top, as this one started popping little holes from the pressure. :o)
Not a great picture or stunning cake decorating by any means, but I had fun putting it together for the little guy... or rather, in honour of the little guy. :o)
This is one of their latest enjoyments - playing train together, or even better - with Daddy.
All ready for people...just missing the cake and ice cream. The Lord blessed our time, and our little girls did pretty well to play in their room on their own most of the night... or at least Hope did. :o) Josh was back and forth with Joy about a dozen times, but so be it. :o)

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