Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Merry Times at the farm

Mostly, we stayed indoors at the farm, except for brief walks around the yard with a sibling or two, as it was very, very windy while we were on vacation. :o) However, one day Mum decided the girls really needed some fresh air, so she and Lydia bundled them up, and took them out to watch the boys fly their kites. 
Ah yes - fresh air. Always good to knock the little ones out! 
Hopey did get out almost every day to help Granny feed the cats in the barn, and this is one of Hope's most talked about things since returning from our holiday. ;o)
WHAT? A farm girl bought rocks??? 
Oh yes, because she's not just a farm girl anymore - she's a massage therapist and these were special rocks - stones actually. :o) And... when handled properly, they help deliver this very relaxing thing called a hot-stone massage. Chloe said she had to practice, so I gladly offered to be her dummy! It was great... and I think she did the rest of the sibs too before the holiday was out.
Hope was delighted to get to help put them into the electric frying pan where they would then be heated with water.
And Joy, once the rocks were in, decided her job should be to try and take them out!
"Man, you guys - these things are HEAVY!"
"Humpphh. Oh well... maybe I should just bang on them with this wooden utensil..." :o)
New Year's Eve. Oh was it ever a wonderful day for a skate.
And those styrofoamish snowflakes started falling halfway through our skate, which made it all the more wonderful!
Mr. Powerhouse.
Thanks for the grin, bud!
After several rounds of frozen tag, it was decided that we should attempt a round of hockey, with teams like they used to be in the days gone by - Lyd and Luke against the rest of us (Mum, Chloe, Avery and I). And, just like old times, Luke won, I mean... Luke's team won, though I did keep him from a shutout by scoring a goal myself in the first game, and then a hat-trick of goals in the second game, along with another goal or two by Mum and Ave. And the next day... oh-my-word... I could barely move my legs! It was bad - I had to use my hands to help cross my legs! Guess I'm not in the shape I used to be, and I guess I didn't skate at all last year. :o) Thanks to my fam for watching out for little me and letting me have fun with them on the ice.
My beautiful prairie.
God - You're artwork is breathtaking!
Thank YOU for perfect moments and memories I will carry in my heart always. :o)
GO FLAMES GO - FOREVER! :o) :o) .... it's just our little sibling thing.
I love you guys!!!
And, what hockey game would be complete without a fist fight?? Haha! The boy's jazzed it up for a bit as the sun was setting and we were about finished for the afternoon.
Great shot, Luke!
Back at the house, preparations were underway for a supper of hors d' oeuvres.
Never mind the ones on the top - you gotta dig for the bottom ones!!
My little Joy.
I think she was eating a chip.
She's back into making faces again.
I love you, little girl.

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