Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year

New Years Day 2012. SO AWESOME that it was a Sunday - the Lord's Day. What better way could there be to start a New Year? :o) 
Church at Mum and Dad's met in the afternoon that particular Sunday, so here's a few pics from when we got back from church. 
Joy was getting squirrely, so I relieved her of her elegant purple jumper made by Auntie Chloe and let her romp around in her tights and onesie.
Little miss rolly-polly had everyone laughing. :o)
She does this most every time she is stuck - raises her right leg up behind her head and squeals!
Up she comes... :o) Can you do that? Imagine having arms that short (in proportion to your body...)
 Looking at Papa's cool Merriweather Farms story with all the cool flaps. Of course, she had to investigate the ones across the book from her, not just the ones she could easily reach.
It was our last day at the farm, and Mum decided a tea party was in order. Hope was glad to help make pastries with cinnamon sugar for the event. (good ole "Sweet Nothin's" as we used to call 'em.)
Love how she mimicks Mum's every move.
It was a little sticky to cut....
 Happily surveying the pieces arranged on the baking sheet.
It was fun to make a new memory with Hope and share old ones from the tea parties we had growing up!
One last storytime with Granny before it was time for Hope to take a nap.  
With the youngster's napped or napping, and the packing all done, the adults sat down for a couple quick games while we waited for Hope to wake up so we could get on the road. Joy was up from her nap earlier than Hope (a normal occurrence) so Mum actually got some Joy-time, as her lap wasn't filled with Hope. :o)
Those three bashed out a quick game of Settlers, and the scores were really close from what I heard. It was a wonderful vacation, and we feel very blessed of the Lord to have been with both our families for good long visits in December of 2011. We left the farm around 4:30 and rolled in to our home in Spruce Grove around 12:30 am the next morning. We are thankful for safety on the roads, and though the absence of snow made the drive easy, we are sure hoping for some now. :o)

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