Thursday, July 26, 2012

Canada Day in Kamloops, Vacation Part 2

After going to church with Dave and Amy on Sunday morning, we headed for a park in downtown Kamloops to take in the crazy crowds and some Canada Day festivities, including the international cuisine that was being served all across the park.
 The kids were hardly interested in food - they just wanted to go to the playground.
 Funny - Joy often crosses her legs when she's relaxing on the swing.
 Love the love of adventure she has. :o)
 Hmmm.... maybe I pushed her a bit too high perhaps?
 Hope had her eyes on the slide, and she quickly learned how to take her turn in the constant line up of children climbing up the stairs and gliding down the slide.
Up for another turn she goes...
Eventually, Joy tired of the swing and so I brought her over to the slide, and she quickly wanted to join in.
She liked the climbing up part better than the sliding down though. :o)
Once back at Dave and Amy's, the girls had their much needed naps, Josh rested too, and I walked over to my Aunt and Unlces to visit with cousins and such still gathered from the wedding the day before. Dave and Amy graciously welcomed my Grandma to join us for dinner in the evening so the little girls could be around her a bit.
Hope and Great-Grandma had a fun time doing all sorts of adorning to Mr. Potato Head. :o)
Joy was her quirky self, so this was all I could get as far as a smile from her.
And Hope was too busy trying on Mr. Potato Head's eyeballs to smile much herself.
Oh well. At least it's pictures of Hope and Great-Grandma together. :o)

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  1. I just had her bloomers are sooo cute!! :} Our sister would make bloomers for us as we were getting older... but those are rather cute when all I am used to seeing is bigger ones. Its fun! ~Krista