Saturday, July 7, 2012

The week before vacation

A few minutes to swing before going into the city for my pre-natal appointment. So thankful for a friend from church who was able to come over and drive us in for that. (me and City of Edmonton navigation are still learning how to co-exsist.)
I put them in their new pink T-shirts from Daddy, and their new-to-them jeans from me. 
Upon walking up the sidewalk into my midwife's clinic, I discovered both pairs of jeans needed to be taken in at the waste for my little ones, but a bit of time with a needle and thread that afternoon did the trick.
Little cutie, smelling the flowers.
Hopey, excitedly pointing at the strawberries growing on the plants.
It was the start of a busy day for me, with planning to have company that evening, but it was just-too-amazing outside to sit indoors for breakfast. The girls played a bit while I mixed up bun dough and made pancakes, and then we ate while the bun dough was rising.
Joy was getting up and down too much to be considered safe for the food left on her plate, so I moved her up with me, and Hopey wanted to move where the sun wasn't in her eyes, so she changed spots too. That was pretty much it for sunshine that day, as large clouds rolled in as we came in from breakfast.
Separate activities seemed to be in order after naps, and Joy was quite content outside while Hopey stayed indoors. I looked out from the nursery window and found sweet little Joy actually sitting still and quiet, up in the playhouse. I never heard any crying, just enjoyed seeing her reach up for me when I came out to help her down the slide. (she doesn't like to go down unless Josh or I am there to catch her at the bottom, so I guess she was just patiently waiting...) It blessed my heart.
Play Dough cookies. Yay!!!
The beauty of sleeping children never ceases to bless my heart and soothe my soul.
I think of the Shepherd's Psalm... "You make me lie down in green pastures...."
They have such a kind Daddy. He reads to them and plays with them and holds them after work each evening.
Hopey, showing Joy how to blow the pinwheel.
Giving it a whirl together. :o)
This was the day before we left on our road trip/vacation to BC. I asked Hope if she wanted to help me, and when she said "Yeah" I gladly got her to peel some oranges for our breakfast in the van the next day.
Our local Super Store has had Satsuma mandarins on for $0.76/lb recently, which is an amazing price, so we've been enjoying these oranges a lot!
I thought maybe Joy wanted to help Hopey, as she likes to be doing whatever Hope is doing, but as you can see, Joy was more interested in getting a free snack from big sis! :o)

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  1. I love your little day-to-day updates, Erin. :)