Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer days at home

A friend brought us a trike their current youngest had outgrown for Joy-Belle to have. 
Her short legs are too short to actually drive it, but she knows it's hers and likes to sit on it.
Evening snack time on the rocker.
LOOK! A piggy tail! For the first time!!! And it stayed in most of the day too. :o)
Our first harvest of herbs from the garden. I like to wash them and spin them before putting them on the dehydrator. :o)
One thing I've noticed before became so obvious to me as the girls and I were working on herbs together; and that is that Joy does things quickly and Hope does things with a great-deal-of-time.
I think Joy likes to move on and find more adventures. Hope, on the other hand, can create any adventure she wants wherever she is due to her great imagination and large vocabulary. I think the parsley was a tree in this particular case...
Morning tea, anyone?
That's me and Sidekick - 20 cm at 20 weeks.
I picked up a few "new to us" things for them at a shop the other day, and Hope couldn't wait to try out the alphabet peg puzzle. Meanwhile, Joy-Joy was thrilled to be allowed one of the other puzzles that Hope usually gets to do. :o)
Little Missy, enjoyin' her swing. Love that baby girl so much!
I think Hope figures that because I laugh at Joy when Joy makes faces for the camera, that Hope should do it too.
There's those pretty blue eyes. :o)
Taking after Hope and her Grandpa Albert - Joy sings and plays at the same time.
Oh yes, and of course we must turn the pages.
"Mmmmm.... nope..." keep flippin'.
Even watching the music.... good girl!
Guess she decided she was done playing that way.
Onto bigger and better ways. :o)
Trying to get a picture of both the girls in their purple dresses....
Josh had just come back from a week-long computer course in CA, and had bought the new purple dress for Hope while he was out there. (Gotta love having a Children's Place across the street from the hotel the week they had their "monster sale" on.)
Aww. Mommy loves you, Hopey.

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