Thursday, September 6, 2012

A short visit to the farm, Pt 1

Josh was to be away on business immediately following Chloe's visit, so the girls and I took advantage of the free ride Foremost-way and hopped in Auntie Chloe's van to go to the farm and get in on some harvest-time fun!
We were supposed to go to the Hutterite colonies the first day we were there, which is why I got the girls dressed up a bit, but it didn't end up working out. Oh well. Pink and denim will always be an adorable combination. :o)
While Hopey played with Granny's miniature measuring tape...
Joy and one of the Uncles got down to business with the big one!
The trampoliiiiiiiine! Hurray! The girls spent many hours at play on it during our four-day stay at the farm.
Hello cute child!
Oooofph! Bouncing down means you also gotta get back up again.
Here she goes again. :o)
My tall brothers getting the morning instructions from Dad. Avery runs the grain cart in the field and Luke runs the trucks to and from the yard while Dad drives the combine.
Meanwhile, Joy thought she should drive the golf cart.
I laughed out loud at this... catching her trying to see if she could reach the gas pedal. Short legs are a mother's mercy sometimes!
The girls like the little Tupperware cup/pitcher set at the farm, so Granny let them eat lunch with it one day.
Helloooooo durum. :o) With no sandbox currently available at the farm, and with 12 dozen cobs of corn for my Momma and me to shuck, we needed something for Hope and Joy to do outside.
As girls, my sisters and I used to play in the wheat pile inside the big hopper-bottom. Dad pulled it out for Hope and Joy, but it looked pretty greasy and grimy to use anymore, so... we had to be creative.
The girls were thrilled. They literally played there for over two hours while Mum and I shucked corn in lawnchairs beside them. :o)
Of course, Granny's Monster Cookies make everything better... Hope told me "Mom - I'm relaxin'."
Oh right - all was grand except for the part about Joy not liking chocolate. Oops. Her face, hands, and shirt were rather decorated with dark blotches. Oh well. Granny cleaned her up. :o)
We weren't the only ones at the farm that week....
Much to my brother Luke's delight, (and everyone else's too) his lovely friend Pilar (that's her on the left) and some of her family were also able to visit for a couple days. Pilar and Chenoa graciously jumped in and helped de-cob all those dozens of cobs of corn, and Mum and I were very relieved to have the extra help, as we would have turned into corn cobs ourselves by the time we got it all done if we were doing it just the two of us. Especially since I had to take a nap as things were getting going... :o)
YUM YUM YUM! Oh my - fresh Hutterite grown super-sweet-corn-on-the-cob.... makes me wonder how old the stuff in the grocery store is when I buy it, because this stuff just about melted off the cob into your mouth... you didn't have to bite and pull. :o) Oh well. I'm thankful for the produce we do have available here.
 More fun comes to the farm - Auntie Lydia and Auntie Chloe pulled themselves away from their jobs in Lethbridge to join the party down at the farm for an evening. :o)
They had the girls bouncing to Sunday school songs for nearly an hour on the trampoline before supper.
Then Auntie Lyddie asked if Hopey wanted to go see the kittens in the barn... Didn't take long to answer that one!
Enroute to the barn with my camera I had another picture to take... :o) Luke and his girl backing up the cart to unload it together in the yard. :o)
Hopey was de-lighted!
Joy, not so much.
Things went a bit better for Hope once she learned how to hold the kitty.
Listening to wise Auntie Lydia recount stories of when she, Chloe, and I would spend hours in the barn looking for kittens to tame as children... mostly Lydia. Chloe and I didn't always last as long as she did.
Hope wanted me to take a video of her holding the kitty.
"Joy - don't you want to hold a kitten too?" "NO!" Okay then. Glad she knows her own mind, I guess.

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