Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just us for a week

August has been our busiest month of the year, with the blessing of family and friends staying with us most of the month.
With all the busy-ness, we still find time for everyday things like attention to personal care. :o) I decided to take out Hopey's second set of mini-braids before her bath, instead of letting her wear it crimpy this time, as last time it just bothered her because it was fuzzy and in her face. :o) Had to get a picture, just because.
With the deck now completed, and a long weekend to boot, Josh picked out and assembled something he has always wanted - a Webber BBQ. Thanks to his Mom for her anniversary gift to us, which paid for part of it. :o)
The girls were all eager to help him assemble it in the garage.
Hopey, working away at getting that plastic off.
And while Daddy tried out the new grill, the girls had some pool time. I guess Joy decided to wash off the new deck. :o)
Happy with himself. :o) In a good sort of way. :o) Thankful for the Lord's provision. :o)
Pork chops cooking and garlic bread heating.
This girl decided to get in the pool, not just walk around it like her sister.
We had music playing in the house after breakfast, and they were playing with their pink rhythm shakers. Joy reached into the cupboard and pulled out the frying pan screen and added it to their play mix... I guess maybe it was a cymbal or something. :o)
If there's something climb-able, Joy will find it.
This particular day I was emptying the fridge, as we were expecting a new one to be delivered later that afternoon.
After observing her, I realized she climbed up because the ipod dock was playing music on the counter instead of on top of the fridge. Joy looked closely at it, and when each song would end she would clap her little hands, and then look expectantly at the player, waiting for the next song to begin. :o)
Now that she's figured out how to hold markers and pencils properly, colouring is one of her most-asked for things to do. :o)
Enjoying their trikes in the summer weather.
Joy wanted to swing, but didn't want to let go of her dolly, so it went with her into the swing. :o)
While making a birthday present for one of Hopey's friends, I duplicated the gift for our girls - simple report covers filled with white paper, with their name in stickers on the front = their own drawing books for just over a dollar! :o)
You can't see it too well due to the sunlight, but the large circles around the grey circle are the wind. Hopey called over to me "Mommy watch - we're drawing the wind. .... Windy, windy, windy!" :o)
Joy needs help with stickers most of the time, but she can get a good bit of scribbles on the page when you give her a pencil. :o)

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