Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer fun at the farm, Pt 2

More trampoline time!
I must admit, those little jeans of hers look rather cute rolled up like that!
Her hat was in the laundry for a much-needed de-soiling of the chin straps, so Mum pulled out this old hat that used to be mine to protect Joy's fair skin from the sun. 
Just Gran and the girls.
Back to the other hat again. Let's just say, they went through at least two outfits a day on the farm! Hurray for modern washing machines.
Thanks for the funny face, kiddo!
I think they were watching the dogs or something.
Coming from some other part of the house I found Joy merrily occupied in Uncle Luke's lap with his iphone! First, he had her playing on the little keyboard app that he's got on there...
Then they moved on to better things, like listening to some of Uncle Luke's favourite songs. :o)
Joy gripped that thing like she owned it... :o) The look in her eyes tells me she must have been concerned that I was going to take it away from her or something.
Joy and Granny had been out picking flowers in the garden, and it was so cute to watch Joy come trotting in, carefully holding onto her bundle of sweat peas. She was very gentle with them, and didn't let any of them move until Granny took them out of her hands to put them in the vase. I was rather amazed.
Then came the opportunity I had been waiting for - time to take both girls to the field at once.
We dropped Hopey off to ride in the combine with Auntie Lydia who was driving it that day, while Joy and I went to hang out with Uncle Avery in the tractor with the grain cart behind.
Love my littlest girl and littlest bro, and oh-my-word, does he ever look like my Dad!!!
I told Ave to put Joy down and see what she would do in the stubble.
Smiling to myself, I told her to smell the wheat like she smells flowers, just to see what she would do. :o) Another moment of cuteness captured = supreme mother-heart-happiness. :o)
"Thank You Lord for such sweet blessings like late afternoon sunlight over fields golden ripe for harvest, and cute little girls in pink and blue and bonnets." :o)
For the walk over to the tractor, I asked Ave to carry Joy, as it would have taken us a very long time to get there if she had been walking on her own short legs.
Aww. She loves her Uncle Ave.
Here come the combine drivers!
Joy had to find something to do while we waited in the tractor cab between loads. :o)
She was a little teary-eyed and distraught over not being allowed to touch the yellow ether button....
...but Uncle Ave helped her get the horn to sound with the black button, and that was good. :o) She also had to take out the red key and find all the different places where it could fit. :o)
Me and my munchkin and "Sidekick." :o) (that's our unborn baby's nickname...)
Showing Joy the combine coming closer to us...
... when they stick the auger out that means they're full and need to dump on us!
And then we had enough to fill "Moose" (the big red truck) so we meandered our way down the field and watched Avery unload what he said was one of his best job's at filling a truck. :o)
Joy liked to be right by the window.
This was a moment of history. Except for my dear Mum who was slaving away making an amazingly delicious supper meal for everyone, all Collin's present on the farm that day (which included Great-Grandma, only Chloe was absent) were in the field at the same time. Luke swung out to pick up the truck Avery had just filled, and Dad and Grandma stopped in on their way to the nearby Colony where they were picking up eggs and a large air-compressor Dad was borrowing to clean out the combine. It was very special.

Our time at the farm couldn't have ended more happily. :o) And we got to have lunch at Auntie Chloe's on our way back to Edmonton the next day, which made for a peaceful completion to the family-time we were blessed to soak up.

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