Monday, September 10, 2012

Auntie Lydia comes for a visit

You'll remember from my last set of posts that we drove to the farm with Auntie Chloe in her vehicle. So, the question is, how did we get back to our house, since we didn't have our vehicle at the farm?
We came back with Auntie Lyddie!!! We were delighted when my sisters made independent plans to visit us  two consecutive weekends this summer, one sister each weekend. :o) It worked out so perfectly for us, allowing the girls and me a short visit to the farm in between while Josh was away from us on a business trip.
We were going to make time to paint fingernails and toe nails while Auntie Chloe was here, but it just never happened, until Lydia's visit!
Hope wanted this colour because that's what is on my toes at the moment, and she wanted to be "just like Mommy."
My dear sis was here for peach-time again this year. From the first 40 pounds we made half a dozen pies and froze a bunch of peaches for smoothies on Saturday, followed by canning an additional 90 pounds on Tuesday.
While Hope helped Lydia fill the pies, Joy tagged along with me, rolling out the pie crusts.
"Dump!" Uh, let's just say that pie didn't lack for sugar. ;o)
Joy did pretty good as my helper, actually letting me guide her hands...
....and her just watching me when needed.
Hopey after naptime one day.
I had wandered out onto the front step to dead head the petunias, and she helped me. :o) She also had a fun time talking to Granny on the phone while sitting on the step.
More stories! Lydia read to Hope a lot while she was here, which was both a blessing and a help to me!
I wasn't planning on taking her picture, but she saw me with the camera in my hand an immediately started posing.
And so, I obliged. 
And she kept posing, and looking up expectantly at me. :o)
Okay, cute child. That's the last one.
While Lydia and I undertook the task of peach canning, I had a young friend from our church come over and play with Hope and Joy. It was a tremendous help not to have them underfoot and "helping" us too. We had the last canners on by 2:30 that afternoon, and Lydia and I even took time for a Scrabble game together before tackling the floors and stove top, which were in need of cleaning after the canning was done. :o)
We've had such a moist year here, the task of mowing the lawn has been quite a rewarding job. And unlike last year when I did most of the mowing, Josh owns the job this year, as I'm busy growing a big baby and can't be pushing that big old mower around. :o)
Unlike Hope, Joy loves the sound of the lawn mower. I think she mostly just loves being with her Daddy, and doing whatever he's doing. Just before I grabbed my camera, I saw her walking right behind where he was mowing, pushing her little toy mower like a pro.
But I guess maybe keeping straight lines got boring for her or something... :o)
...and up she toddled to me. :o)

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