Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Simple September Days

Okay. We've been to Denver and back again; Josh traveled the week after we got back; I've had a massage and seen my chiropractor so I can actually walk again; Canadian Thanksgiving has now passed; and so.... time to get on with the business of catching up on this blog . :o)
This was me at 30 weeks. Wow. I was small then. :o)
Though, I was measuring several centimeters big for my week count, which is a first for me.
Hello, Joy. :o) She's starting to come to you with books in hand saying "read it." :o)
Watching Daddy practice violin after her Saturday night bath.
Totally mesmerized. :o)
Sunday evening playtime with friends.... We adults were playing a game and talking at the dining room table, and I looked back to find these two munchkins on top of the play kitchen - Joy in the sink to boot!
One of Daddy's special methods of occupying the girls while we got a few things done before supper one night.
Snackin' on some raisins in the rockin' chair....
...and making funny faces for the camera. :o)
After supper, things often turn into some variation of the "chase Daddy" game. Hope was still finishing her dinner at this particular time, but enjoy the videos of giggly Joy and her adorable little "I get you" sentence.
Joy reminds me of the song from Mary Poppins "We love to laugh, loud and long and clear...." That she does. She lives up to her name for sure, and is one of those delightful children who actually like to be tickled, though no tickling was necessary for her refreshing laughter in these videos!

Here they go again.
After supper, I like Hopey to help me clear up, put leftovers away, and make Daddy's lunch.
While we do that, Joy rinses the dishes for Daddy. She loves the job, and often trots over to the closet where her apron is jabbering "dishes, dishes" before Daddy has even gotten up from the table. :o)
This is another thing Joy likes to help Daddy do - make coffee on Saturday mornings.

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  1. I've been checking here for new updates, and these two are just fantastic! The videos are my favourite. ;-)