Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Day Before the Big Day, Denver Pt 2

It was Friday. The mood was happy in the house, and simple. There was a few things to be done, but nothing that couldn't be done together.
For example, Amy got the little girls going on taking off the stickers from all the candle cups that would fill the candle screen Opa made for Joe and Rachel that would be used as part of the stage decorations on the wedding day. And then, Joe and Josh plopped down with the kids and made things go a little quicker. Joe had this delightful, dearly-dopey grin on his face all day long.
Amongst the happy people in the house that day, were Uncle Les and Auntie Rita from Guatemala. Their littlest boy is just older than Hope, and they take care of hundreds of children through their school systems in Guatemala. They liked being around the little girls and interacting with them.
Also there at the house with us was an old friend of the family, Jen Hartzler. She came to the Langemanns to help out as a nanny in the busy days after Joe's birth.
The rehearsal was at 5:00... nice, because it gave everyone the day to get their things taken care of, and then we all just gathered at the church and had fun.
The bride and groom listening to the wedding coordinator give instructions. I thought the sunshine beaming in on them was very romantic indeed.
Sheesh! What are those big grins about? Do you suppose...? Could it be...?
Flower girl #1. Getting used to her perch.
And busy little flower girl #2 sits down for a picture. :o)
I don't recall what Hope and Joy were doing, but it was obviously something distracting as all the bridesmaids are looking down where the girls were on the floor.
Then came the rehearsal dinner, and these guys stole the show with their well-practiced rendition of "Wedding Bells are Breaking up that Old Gang of Mine." It's a barber shop style song, with tricky harmonies and ridiculously high notes, which make for an even greater enjoyment of the fun they had in presenting it.
And yes, for those of you who haven't seen the Langemanns in a while - that is Daniel in the black shirt and khakis. I do have the handsomest brother in laws, I must say. :o) Not to leave out Steve - the guy on the left edge... a great bud to all the Langemann brothers.
Josh was the MC, and he did a really great job, even balancing energetic Joy-Belle part of the time. His notes were on his phone, but of course, Joy thought she should touch the phone too....  You might as well laugh! I was. I was too tired to hang on to her any longer, so I just let her go. :o)
And just for fun, the siblings decided a game of him/her should be played, and Matthew did as good of a job with the questions as Joe and Rachel did with the answers. Everyone laughed a lot!
And to end the evening, Mom did a little "giving away of the groom" presentation, supplying Rachel with a few essentials needed to take care of Joe.

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