Thursday, October 25, 2012

More days at Grandma's, Denver Part 5

We stayed on in Denver through the week following the wedding. It was a busy week, as family life goes, and we just drank in every experience we could. :o)
"Helping" Auntie Amy make lunch.
Another reading of "Love You Forever." I don't know how many times Hope had that book read to her. Lots and lots and lots.
Chuckle! Ever since she was "garden trained" earlier this summer, whenever Joy sees flowers she bends over to smell them! She got a little confused the other night though, and smelled a broccoli floret while helping me make dinner. :o) I guess it sort of looks like a flower, but sure doesn't smell like one.
All my brainy relatives having a Sudoku showdown with Jen Hartzler. Notice I was not participating. Ugh. Those things boggle my brain. Angie won. Easily.
Yay - more baking! Melody was to have surgery to repair a torn tendon on her foot the next day, so she was making the most of the time she could have on her feet.
"Eat it?" Well, every other child has thought flour somehow should taste good, so give it a go, kiddo!
Joy, enjoying a fruit snack with Auntie Amy...
...while Hope got some cuddles with Auntie Melody.
More trampoline time! Hurray.
Watch the sequence.

Ahem! Yes - Hope is a sweet child, but she is still a child, with a mischievous and naughty streak that shows up from time to time, usually with Joy as the victim. :o)
Auntie Amy to the rescue!
Love that kid!
Amy came up with this.
I did a double-take when I saw Joy at the blinds like that, but I guess Amy had it under control.
I love how children love looking outdoors. :)

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