Friday, October 26, 2012

A week at home without Daddy

We got back from Denver on a Saturday afternoon. After picking up groceries and unpacking the essentials we all collapsed in our own beds for some sleep. Sunday was church in the morning, naps in the afternoon, and Home Group in the evening, as well as getting our suitcase emptied the rest of the way so as to re-pack Josh for his business trip on Monday. We did make it all the way around, and off he flew for a week of business in Indiana. :o) Phew! Busy. :o) 
It was cold and crisp back home in Alberta, so time for scarves. I had some scarves along in Denver, but it was so warm there I hardly used them.
As you can see, Hope and Joy wanted to wear some of Mommy's scarves themselves.
I was using the Vita Mix for something and they both decided they wanted to watch instead of going to the other room.
They make me laugh!
A quiet evening in Mommy's room while Daddy was away. I think I needed to fold laundry, which was dumped on my bed, so I put on a movie for the girls to watch while I tried to get some folding done. We have had the couch awkwardly stashed in our room, as the futon from the basement is currently in our living room where this couch normally goes because the basement is still under re-construction from the flood.  
Morning playtime in the sunbeams in the living room after their baths. :o)
Me at 35 weeks.
So grateful for this one shirt that still fits all the way around me. :o)
I was being indecisive with my camera flash. :o)
I love how children can make a game out of almost everything. :o)
A single friend had joined us for dinner that evening, so the girls were running across the kitchen to her...
...and then back again. Then they would ask "Say 'Ready-set-go' Mommy," and I would, and they would take off from the wall for Deborah where she was sitting. They had been running into me before, but my tummy had had enough exterior bumps and I wanted to take pictures so I told them to run into Deborah instead. :o)
Little miss cheeky! :o)
Doesn't this just say: "Here I come, Miss Adorable!!!"

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