Monday, October 22, 2012

The wedding of Joseph and Rachel, Denver Pt 3

The day of the wedding, Sept 22, dawned as beautiful as can be, with Denver-sunny skies and pleasant temperatures. Bridesmaids and bride were up the earliest because of this thing called "hair to do." My job was easy, as I was able to do Amy's hair at the house and help with Angie's curls, I didn't have to go to the church right away. :o) 
By the time it got to be 8:30 am, it was just me, Lorrie, and my little girls left at the house. We proceeded to have breakfast and then I fixed Hope's and my hair. Lydia came over to help with the girls, and got them practiced up on dropping petals out of their flower girl baskets.
Trying for a quick shot of them on Grandma's step before getting them in the van.
We arrived and found the bridesmaids upstairs in the church. Amy was available, and the girls flocked to her, so it was a good time for some candid shots.
Hard to believe Amy is 14 already.
Such a beautiful and caring young lady she is.
Flower girl and basket of petals arrived in tact at the stage, with about 8 petals dropped carefully along the white aisle runner.
Got the energetic little one to sit with big sister for a picture. No luck with two smiles though.
Joy had a blast dumping her basket of petals in front of where we were sitting in the front row. At least it kept her busy for a little bit, and I was just thankful she carried it down the aisle without mishap.
The first kiss. :o) Always a beautiful gift to be given and recieved.
Hopey going back down the aisle with Auntie Amy and David Morgan.
I was so proud of my little girl for not being shy that day!
After the congregation was dismissed they let the family back in to the sanctuary for pictures. They did the Morgan side first, so the kiddos ran around in the meantime.
Beautiful Christy and her bundle of Ginger. :o)
Joy had loooooots of energy, so Uncle William took a turn minding the wee squirt on the sidelines while photos happened center stage.
Meanwhile, Hopey was happy to sit and watch the photography happen with Grandma and Auntie Melody.
Joy wasn't the only toddler with a case of the wiggles. :o) Cousin Albert was about done being still too.
Amy to the rescue. Oh my! I don't know what we would have done without all the Aunties and Uncles to help with the little ones that day! :o) Langemann side pictures were a little bit of a circus with the youngsters, but I think it all worked out in the end.
A snapshot of the Father and Mother of the groom. :o) Such happy smiles they have.
After pictures Auntie Chloe whisked my girls away, and when I went looking for them just before the reception was about to start, this is what I found them doing.
Bring on the little balls and hockey - oh yeah!
Then we needed to get downstairs for the reception, but Hopey spotted this long corridor with sunlight going the opposite way, and wanted to run, so guess what direction she went? Joy soon followed. As did Chloe. I waited, and then we all made it downstairs to our table.
The bridal party lined the sides of the stairway with a path in the middle for the bride and groom to make their entrance.
That was one long head-table, seating 14!
"Grandma" and her newest grandchild. :o) The natural lighting in the atrium of the church made for delightful pictures!
Unplanned until the night before, but there just had to be an encore performance of the great song they did at the rehearsal dinner. :o)
Followed by the talented Morgan sisters welcoming Joe to the family with the old song "Consider Yourself At Home." Rachel accompanied them on the piano too.
A bit of their story, and thank-you's. Isn't Rachel a beautiful bride?
HURRAH! The little girl finally gave in to Auntie's persuasion and fell asleep. :o)
Bold Reflection, a singing group Joe has sung with for a few years and Rachel has accompanied with her skills on the piano, got up and did a couple numbers during the reception.
Enjoying the performance as observers, not participants!
Sheesh... I don't know what it was with me getting pictures of Joe with his eyes closed that day. Oh well. Everyone looks at the bride anyways, right?
Me and my beautiful sis, each with a sleeping baby suited to our size. :o) Picture taken by my other beautiful sis, Lydia. :o)
A snapshot of the table decor. Each of those coral flowers was handmade. There must have been hundreds of them! Oh the hours that must have taken, but they sure were beautiful and durable. :o)
Just before cutting the cake.
Hopey, with her little thing of bubbles, getting ready to "blow the bride and groom away" with everyone else.
Joy's thing of bubbles didn't last long. :o) Oh well. It's all washable, right?
I have to say, that was the best decorated getaway vehicle I have ever seen!
Here they come....
I think Joe was pretty pleased with all the graffiti himself... he kinda asked for it. :o)
Emptying the cab of balloons so there was room for his bride to get in. :o)
Shuts the door... quite happy with himself, I'd say. Why not? :o)
A grin after noticing that the vehicle still started....
And off they went for their bride/groom pictures and all that lay beyond. Being the great guy that he is, Joe just had to squeal his tires on the way out! It was great.
A few more bubbles for the little girls.

Then it was back to Grandma's in various stages... I was in the first van with my little ones, as I could tell by looking at them that they needed some quieter time and space before the family and fun that follows a wedding descended upon the household.
A few wedding balloons made for fun, though shortly-survived toys.
I must tell a funny story on Joy that happened during the reception when she had also gotten hold of a balloon. :o) She had it on the floor and had plopped her little stout self down on it and was just shifting gently around on it. Several of us were watching, sure the play would end with the balloon popping and Joy landing on the floor, which it did. She was more stunned at first, then disappointed, and then gave a small cry once she realized her fun was over. It made all who saw it laugh!
Ahh - freedom from her shoes and sparkly dress!
Lydia, laying some love on baby Ginny. :o)
I noticed most everyone had gathered in the living room, except Hope and Angie were missing. I went downstairs to find the two of them in the cool of the basement having a little quiet time together with some books. Thanks, Angie! That was the perfect thing right then!

And so ended the lovely day of the wedding. :o)

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