Monday, October 22, 2012

After the wedding family-time. Denver, Pt 4

The day after the wedding wasn't as sunny, but it was still very pleasant. outside We were blessed to see all the family back at the house in the afternoon. (Opa, Les & Rita, and my sisters too.)
 I was thankful that Hope and Joy seemed to remember Josh's Opa from when we had seen him earlier in the summer.
 Hopey, discovering the ball bounces just about as good as the trampoline.
 Auntie Chloe giving Joy an airplane ride on the trampoline.
 Everyone gathered for a BBQ and supper on the deck. One of the guys grabbed my camera... I think it was Andrew. Thanks for the shots, bro!
 Sorry Mello... just had to post it. :o)
Smile. :o)
 Joy and Albert having fun while Auntie Amy tried to keep them out of mischief on the lawn.
 Drinking in the family time. I couldn't get enough of it. :o) It's times like that which make one think of the Psalmists words "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who trusts in Him."
 Melody had to get off her feet just as much as I did that day, as she was awaiting tendon surgery on her foot later that week, and the wedding day had taken a toll on her injury. Couldn't keep the little ones away from her though! :o)
 Yummy tea in a little tea cup!
 Me and my man, enjoying some time on the swing we spent many hours on during our courtship days. My personalized shelf came in quite handy, wouldn't you agree? What a bubble that baby tummy of mine is!
 It eventually got dark and a bit cool outside, so the party moved indoors. Now that was one serious game of chess - it took over two hours to play, I'm sure!
 Uncle Willi occupying busy little Albert.
 Meanwhile, Hope and Joy were loving some couch time with their other Aunties while Angie pulled up some hiking pictures on the computer to show everyone. It made it extra special for me that my sisters were able to come down for the wedding too. I praise God for the friendship and fellowship our two families are able to share (Collin/Langemann) even though our times all together have been few and far between.
 Adorable nephew of mine.
 And his cute little 3 week old sister... surrendering to the tummy-on-the-arm position in order to get her colic out!
A delightful treat - listening to Daniel play the piano for us. He has practiced for years, but mostly with the headphones on, so this was a real treat. He takes after his Dad, that young man!

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