Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First few days at Grandma's, Denver Pt 1

After a safe, and mostly peaceful flight, we arrived at Grandma's house in Denver in time for a bowl of soup, baths for the girls, and then bed.
 The sunshine was a welcome tonic to us northerners, as it was quite gray at home in Spruce Grove before we left.
 Christy and her little ones came over the first morning we were there. Grandma had to help these two learn how to share.
 Eventually they got it.
 Holding 3 week old Ginger. My first niece!
 Auntie Melody keeping the walking cousins busy on the deck with bubbles. :o)
 Hope was waiting and waiting for a turn to hold Ginger, or Ginny, as she is called. She was delighted to be called in from the bubble excursion to hold her new cousin once she was fed and burped.
 I set them up, and didn't have to steady things at all. Hope had waited for this for a long time!
Ginny's pose here reminds me of what Hope did so often with her mouth as a newborn... that cute little "o."
 Hopey wanted me to take a video.
 Lunch with the cousins while Auntie Christy and soon-to-be Auntie Rachel went out for pedicures and Starbucks. :o)
 There. Got Hope to look that time.
 The girls spent hours and hours on the trampoline. Thanks to Auntie Amy for setting up a way for Hope to climb on by herself.
 Hope is gradually losing her fear of the bounce sensation, and got quite good at bouncing this time.
 Drawing and colouring with Auntie Amy. :o) Hope spent endless hours colouring while at Grandma's.
 Who are those two Canucks? Yes - the party in Denver just got even better with the arrival of my two sisters. :o) They were quick to jump in and help, and though they aren't in too many pictures, they put in many hours to make all those pictures look good, as did everyone else, each in their own way.
 Joy got right in the middle of things and "helped" them wire some pearls onto bobby-pins for use in wedding hair do's. :o)
Smart child knew what the pliers were for too.
 Albert, contemplating something.
 Joy and her love for little spaces! Cracks me up each time.
 Beautiful new momma. :o)
 And the skilled Auntie, snuggling Ginny into content-land.
 Oh the hours in the kitchen!!! :o)
 Three cousins in striped shirts. A total coincidence, I assure you.
 They were having fun carrying rocks over to the little wagon and dumping them in it. Fun until someone dropped one on a toe. Then it was time for a different game.
 It occured to me that Josh might like to hold Ginny too (thoughtful, I know...) so I passed her over one evening. As I looked at him holding her across the room from me and saw her gazing happily up at him I had this brainy moment (NOT) and thought to myself - "Why didn't I think to hold her like that?" Oh yeah - DUH! I'm holding another baby right there at the moment... kinda makes it difficult to hold an outside baby in exactly the same spot. Oh the brilliant moments of third trimester pregnancy! :o)
 Cute little one.
 And while Uncle Josh held Ginny, Uncle Matthew read to Hopey. Or rather... got us all laughing.
 A friend we used to work with in Chicago now lives and works in CO Springs, and she was able to come down for an evening to visit us for a bit. Chloe and Lydia had the idea, and I was glad to get to see Tosha too.
Yeah. No comment. :o)
Josh and Joe modeling their suit jackets.

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