Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A few last days at home before the wedding...

All summer we talked about going to Denver for Uncle Joe's wedding. And now, here we were, in the last week at home before travel time. 
The girls were good about occupying themselves some of the time, which was helpful, as we had company right before we left, and I had to prepare for that as well as our trip.
Josh was very helpful and stopped at Costco for us on his way home from work one evening. He brought "the goods" in this Becel box, which the girls quickly claimed as a new toy.
Joy's turn to be like Hopey and be in "the bed."
Then then both climbed in and we piled the blankets on top of them.
So grateful for simple things that bring so much delight.
Play Dough time!!!
I made Joy a bunch of spaghetti noodles with the broken Play Dough press for her pot that she was playing with. :o)
Meanwhile, Hope wanted to make cookies, so I rolled out the dough for her and got her going.
Some sort of music was playing... so Joy grabbed the nearest floaty thing and got it spinning in the air.
Bad thing about flags - they get tangled!
Three of my siblings came for the weekend to take in a worship conference with us at our church. Here, Auntie Lydia takes a stab at the Kleenex game with the kids....
... she was hilariously hopeless at it. :o)
A day's picking of tomatoes from the gardens. :o) So grateful the tomatoes did so well this year. All the moisture must have helped. :o)
Saturday lunch was more just a snack out on the grass, and then the walkway became the raceway as the girls ran back and forth between Auntie Chloe and Uncle Luke. Until Hope fell that is. :o) Then the game was done.
My little strawberry blonde. :o)
The game was definitely fun while it lasted. :o)
Joy still runs like a baby, with a little locked-hip waddle that is incredibly cute. :o)
A contemplative moment for Hopey.

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