Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our last days at Grandma's House, Denver Part 6

While in Denver, we took a 40 minute drive to visit my friend Natalie and her husband, who were married in the spring of this year. So very cool that they live "nearby" to the Langemanns. Hopefully we can see each other again on subsequent visits.
It was so pleasant to share a meal with them and get to know Colin a little bit. I had brought the camera, but left it in the entry way, so just as we were heading home Josh decided he should snap a picture of us. :o) 
Yup - I'm short, and they're tall, and that's that!
We went over to Christy's one morning for a little visit and to give the girls some more time with their cousins. Hope, of course, wanted to hold the baby, and did so very well. As soon as Joy saw it, she hurried across the room with her hand extended towards Ginger's foot saying "Have it, have it!" Guess she wanted a turn too. :o)
Sorry Christy. I think Albert learned that move from Joy.
Go Canada!
Well, at least the girls were smiling at each other, even if they weren't smiling at me. :o)
I was thrilled to still be in Denver when a baby shower was hosted for my little niece.
Beautiful Momma...
... and beautiful baby.
And no, we did not both plan to wear dark purple shirts that night... it just happened. :o)
Our last day in Denver was the first day of the Living History Days, which the Langemanns are involved in. Andrew had just made it home and was checking out the grilling and the grins on the deck.
 Josh and Matthew grilled up a bunch of steaks that had been given to the Langemanns for our special family dinner. They were delicious.
After a full day outdoors in the sun doing re-enacting, Auntie Amy still had energy for these two!
Thank you, Joy.
Okay, okay girls...
We'll take it! :o)
I told the girls "Hey - you match Auntie Amy... go sit with her on the couch so I can take your picture." Well, at least they sat!
This was a special time for me. I was enjoying some last cuddles with Ginger, and Joy noticed me and wanted to climb up and join in.
For the first time, I actually saw Joy quiet herself, look at the baby, and engage with her. I asked her where Ginny's hand was, and she reached down and touched it.
And she was very enchanted with stroking her fuzzy newborn head. Made me smile and look forward to sharing our new baby with Joy even more than I had before. :o)

The time had come. We had been blessed with two wonderful weeks in Denver. Now it was time to say our goodbyes, and make the journey home. And that we did, with full and grateful hearts.

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