Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A house full of Langemanns

As I mentioned, some of our Langemann family came to our place after our time in Swift Current. Melody and William had to return to Denver because of work, but Angie, Amy, Andrew, Daniel, and Lorrie were able to come our way for ten days or so! 

It was a wonderful time together. Josh took Daniel and Andrew with him to work most days, which left us ladies here at home with the girls and Philip. 

It was extra-great that Angie's work load was lighter this time, and she was able to put in the hours needed from the house here, which allowed her time with the little ones and time to catch up on rest!
Despite Joy's face, she really was happy about this situation - in fact, she was the one who suggested that she be Auntie Angie's "rinser."
If you could put her personality into a picture, this would have to be part of that picture!
It rained a lot while they were here, but that didn't keep them down! It's great that Lorrie is able to go out and about and see friends from when they lived here back in the 90's.
Philip loved having extra arms around to hold him.
Of course, attention of most every kind is just great in his books!
And he likes to chew on spatulas. Yup. He does. :o)
Grandma Lorrie had this "Noah's Ark" game on her iPad mini, and Hope and Joy couldn't get enough of it!
Auntie Angie showing Philip how to work that toy.
While they were here, I skipped out of the house one rainy morning to drive to the nearby Leduc airport to visit with my Aunt Winnie and Uncle Barry who were on their way to Calgary and had a layover here.
I haven't seen them since our wedding, five years ago, and they haven't met any of our children, so it was sure extra-special to get to see them. At least they met Philip. That's a start!
Auntie Angie learned Josh's secret of how to get Philip to sleep - go walk on the elliptical. He likes the lilt of walking, and after making his happy little "ahhh, aaaaahhhh, ahhhh," sounds for a while, he falls fast asleep.
Cuddles and bounces with Auntie Amy.
Bring it on!
Yep - he loves to jump!

On the weekend, Josh and Andrew took off an hr north to participate in a men's retreat with our church, which they called a "men's advance." :o)
Josh texted me on Sunday morning and asked how I was doing. So, I texted him back this picture. :o) I do say, iPhones are very convenient. :o)
After church out at the Mosher's, we got Daniel to grill, and enjoyed a picnic on the deck in the bit of sunshine we were finally getting. :o)
Happiness all around.
He doesn't really like the chin strap on that hat, but the hat does a good job of keeping the sun off his sweet lil head.
Love this lady!!!
The guys got back Sunday evening in time for snacks and a wee bit of time with the kids.
The kazoo was most amusing to the wee lad, that is, to Philip.
Meanwhile, Joy was tinklin' the ivories, which, in typical Joy-fashion, is anything but a tinkle.
She sings when she plays, and of course, she always has to turn the page. :o)
One day the following week, we got to tag along on a trip to the acreage. Lorrie had to get some stuff from the attic, and as the children love it when we go on "outings" so we just made this into one. :o)
They enjoyed riding on the merry-go-round that Josh's Opa built for the Langemann children when they lived at the acreage.
I locked the stroller wheels, and we were away. :o)
Some of the Fehr children eventually came out to play, which made things even happier. Hope eventually disappeared inside with one of them, and when it was time to go home, I found her quietly enjoying puzzles and books on the couch inside with Olivia. :o)
Big enough for under-ducks this year, she is. :o)
Hope and Joy are just getting to the age where they like to "do your hair." So far they've only asked to comb/brush it, and I'm leaving it at that as long as they will. I know one day I will have crooked pigtails and all sorts of coloured barrettes in my hair as they become more inquisitive and creative.
The Langemann's cousin, Johnny, was able to come over for a game one night while they were here. Angie toughed it out with the guys in a long game of Cities and Knights, to triumph in the end, around 11pm. :o) 
Sweeties after naps.
I just had to capture the adorableness happening at bedtime, so it was the iPhone camera to the rescue!
He is as sweet as he looks.
You'd never have known by her energy that it was the end of the day and time for bed.
"Hi Mommy."
These little ones are such a blessing to me! :o)
They are all so unique, and love each other so much.
Hold on there, Hope!
Often, we eat our lunch outside in the summer when the weather is nice. It keeps the kitchen floor cleaner!

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