Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trip to the farm, Pt 2

This post could also be called,

"A special, sunny, Sunday at the farm."

Sunday, May 5, 2013.
Chloe and Reid were coming from Lethbridge to meet us at church, and of course Luke and Pilar were already at the farm. That meant all of us would be together for the Lord's Day, all of us, except my other half, sweet Josh. :o) Ahh well. I knew he was with his family that day too.
Mom planned a special meal for after church, to celebrate Chloe's birthday. Before church, Hope and Joy helped Auntie Lyddie slice carrots the fast way - in the Bosch food processor. :o)
After church and a late, delicious lunch, we tucked Hope and Joy into their beds for a wee nap. Joy took advantage of having Auntie Chloe in the house, and asked for her to read to her at naptime.
It was a perfectly beautiful day and the adults decided to set up on the lawn for some good old croquet and visitin'. It was so special to have Great-Grandma out at the farm with us all day.
She got a few minutes of contentment out of Philip before he started to wiggle and had to be held by someone with stronger arms.
Chloe was hot, in more ways than one! Hahaha.
I shall admit - I lost so terribly my first game I decided the best place for me was with my baby on the blanket beside Great-Grandma. Chloe and Lydia, on the other hand, showed off their skills and competitiveness just like the sisters I grew up with. :o) Oh wait - they are the sisters I grew up with!
As it was actually relatively calm outside, Granny brought out the bubble wands when Hope and Joy woke up.

Dear Pilar held fussy Philip for a while... I think the long car ride the day before didn't sit too well with him.
Later on he did get interested in the purple ball though, and forgot about his troubles in peels of baby laughter that made all of us happy.

Just the look in her eyes says it all...

Joy and her two favourite ladies ever - Auntie Chloe and Pilar. Couldn't ask for better.
Curly hair meets trampoline = static, static + sunshine = great looks!
Happy sigh. God is so good. :o)
Meanwhile, it was getting on towards evening snack time, and Hopey was happy to get to be Granny's helper. Homemade guacamole, the best!!!
Ooo! Don't look if you don't want to. :o) Oh yes - the house is under renovation  as you might notice in the background of several of these shots. :o) 
My sweet Mom, sitting down for a bite to eat and to open her birthday gift we had brought along. (Her birthday April 30, the day after Josh's.)
Hope and Joy were all about helping with any gift opening... :o) Chloe opened a few too.
"Mr. Reid" tying her a tie out of a ribbon. :o)
Included in the addition Mom and Dad recently put on their house is this lovely little place called "the Loft," located above Dad's main floor office. And yes - the walls are painted orange, and their is a large chalkboard painted on the one wall. At any time if you can't find Luke and Pilar, Reid and Chloe, or Uncle Avery/Granny and the little girls, just look in the loft.
In this case, it was late Sunday night, and Avery and Lydia were hanging out up there with Luke and Pilar, playing hangman. I eventually found them after getting my little ones into bed. Ave needed to look up the spelling for a word he wanted to do next, so he borrowed my handy-dandy iPhone and looked it up right there without having to go fetch a dictionary. :o)
I got into the game for a bit too, and stumped everybody with the word "hereunto."

I then went downstairs and played a late game of Nervous Frustration with Mom, Dad, Chloe, Reid, and Grandma. :o)

It was a beautiful Sunday in our lives. Josh had a special day with his family in Denver that day too.

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