Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trip to the farm, Pt 3

When we stay at the farm, Hope and Joy get the boys' room upstairs. 
The window conveniently looks out over the yard, and this particular morning they were able to look out the window and see Uncle Luke at work in the yard with the tractor and trucks. :o) 
 And this little guy shared my old room with me and with Auntie Lydia a couple nights too.
Philip has this thing about socks....
 though he looks innocent,
 he's really a sock-napper! No sooner do I put them on then he starts to pull them off. Convenient thing to chew, I think.
"Aww, shucks! Me, Mom?" 
He's six months old in these shots. Definitely my biggest baby. :o) He was just cutting his first two teeth right then. All of our babies have gotten their bottom two teeth within two week of being six months. :o) 

It was a busy work of renos at the farm, with different craftsmen coming in throughout the week to do cupboard installation and plumbing. So, I made scarce with Hope and Joy on Tuesday, to get them out of the way. And where did we go? To Foremost, of course! I took them to the playground I used to play in as a child. 
Same old swings.
Same old merry-go-round. (It was their first time on a merry-go-round, I thought the did really good.)
Same old slide.

Same old horse swings.
New children - fun!
Philip made the best of it in his car seat in the stroller, as it was pretty windy that day and he didn't like it out in the air so much.
He was also tuckered out and ready for a nap. Though the park is only three blocks away from my Grandma's, which is where we went after, he fell asleep in that short van ride!
Joy got brave enough to go on the big slide like Hopey.
And once she did it once, that was all she wanted to do!
All played out from being at the park, we went to Great-Grandma's for lunch, and the girls had a nap in the double bed at her house. It took them a long time to settle down, the novelty of being in the same bed kept them busy for some time, but eventually they settled down and slept for about 2.5 hours!
Snuggles to remember.
Back to the farm and time for a ride on the golf cart with Gran in the evening sunlight.
Fussy Philip was consoled in his blanket, all snuggled up to Granny.
 Joy took advantage of Pilar's lap every second she could. :o) Pilar spent most of her time with Luke wherever he was, but he was kind enough to let her hang out with us lots too! :o)
 I'm guessing those were apples they had fetched from the cold storage room. That's how we did it all the years I was growing up too. :o)
 Hope and Joy love this little John Deere ride-on tractor.
 My Mum couldn't wait to plop Philip down on it. He wasn't too sure right at the start, but pretty soon he loved it!
 Good boy, Philip!
He knows what that thing is for!
We had a "picnic" in the loft for lunch one day.
Sorry you two - maybe I shouldn't have snapped the shot just then.
Gran and her girls. The novelty of the location completely distracted Hope and she took forever to eat her little plate of lunch!
Avery took Phlip after lunch, and when we couldn't find either of them after a while this was where we found them - both sound asleep on the bed upstairs! :o)
Little boy laundry. :o)
On Wednesday evening, I drove to Lethbridge so I could go to the Bible Study my sisters lead and meet some of their friends. I stayed the night with them at their place, and though Chloe had to skip out the door bright and early for work, Lydia and I had a leisurely breakfast on the deck.
Complete with coffee and Scrabble!
The only thing that was missing was my hubby and an ocean! :o)
Getting some Vitamin D via his feet. :o)
Philip and I ran some errands in the city and headed to Foremost late afternoon where we picked up my Grandma (because it was her birthday) and brought her to the farm with us.
 Even though it was just me, Mom, and Grandma around the table that night, it was special.
 And, sometime after 9:00 this guy made an appearance, just in time to sing to Grandma. (It was seeding time on the farm, so the men were all busy with that.)
A performance enjoyed by all. :o) Sure love these two hard-working farm-women!
We had such a wonderful week at the farm. The end came quickly it seemed. Joy got plenty of rides on the tractor with Papa, which was what she went for, and Hope got to be Granny's shadow, which is why she went. The weather was the most perfect and beautiful I have ever seen for springtime on the farm.
Mum pulled out a source of delight just before we had to drive off in the van and head back north. BUT - she gave the girls a jar of beads to bring home with them, and they have been enjoying that special gift from her.
A bad shot, I know, but the story is worth telling. Luke had been on a mission to capture videos of himself scaring Avery (using Luke's iPhone.) Avery gives classic reactions, so he is a very rewarding chap to record. Luke has quite the series of hilarious videos, and had just recorded a winner in the kitchen, so they all were watching that over and over again, laughing their heads off. :o)

And that brought our week long stay at the farm to an end. We left looking forward to re-uniting with Josh later that day, and being together at home for a few days before our next adventure got underway.

Stay tuned... :o)

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